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Posted August 23, 2013 by & filed under

A friend of mine recently made the comment that luxury is “something most people cannot have.” Personally, I find this comment to be both true and inaccurate. This luxury blog has explored the concept that luxury is not any one particular item or event. It is a lifestyle of comfort and happiness combining to create luxurious experiences. From that perspective, a luxurious experience is available to everyone. At some point in time everyone is blessed enough to have a moment of complete happiness, for whatever reason. Whatever that experience is that creates that luxurious moment for you, however, is something no one else can have; it is completely and uniquely yours.

That being said, a luxurious lifestyle is something altogether different and available to few. Of course a higher level of disposable income provides a different, and potentially more consistent, set of circumstances and luxurious experiences. But a lifestyle is any way we choose to live our life. Not to was too philosophical but comfort and happiness are, in large parts, decisions made on an individual level and on a daily basis. And the decisions that you make are yours and no one else’s. A great fable that exemplifies this is the Businessman and the Fisherman ( ).

As a designer, this plays out through a series of processes I like to call Smart Luxury. We’ll talk in more detail on that in later installments. As it relates to my friend’s comment, however, my job is to create a space that is uniquely representative of my Scottsdale interior design client in the most exquisite manner possible. It is possible for someone else to purchase the same materials, live in the same neighborhood or even commission the same designer! What sets each design apart, though, is the manner in which it is put together and the final product that creates luxury. There will be no other space exactly like it and, when all is said and done, the budget will be secondary to the experience the client gets from building his life—developing his lifestyle—in a space I helped create.