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WE WON!: Newsletter Aug 2013

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As Emerson says, “The reward of a thing well done is having done it.” For every project there is a client who has faith and confidence enough to allow us to become part of their lives for the duration. Thank you. And for every project there is a mind blowing quantity of details and each detail has a team partner overseeing it. We are so thankful to have had such wonderful clients and talented partners to work with this year. Those collaborations were honored in this year’s ASID AZ North Design Excellence Awards and this issue of our Newsletter is one of the ways we’d like to say thank you to you all. And I truly hope that it will be true for us; the reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more. Thank you for the chance to play in my passion! And I must give a huge applause and heartfelt thank you to my team: Luke, Alisha, John, Marti, Ania, Kristen and Paige. Nothing would be possible without your amazing gifts, commitment and brilliance. Love you guys!—Anita

Design Excellence: 2013 ASID Awards

IMI was recently honored with 10 Design Excellence awards including 2013 Best in Show. While we would love to take credit for these projects from start to finish we cannot. All design work consists of the team who dreams it up and the skilled craftspeople who implement those dreams. From the hand sketched drawings that convey the concept to the reps who search tirelessly for the right materials to the craftsmen who ensure every aspect of the final piece is finessed and created with the utmost care.


It is truly an honor to work with such skilled artisans who take as much pride in their work as we do in ours. Just as the emotions of an artist can be seen in the canvas he creates, the intention and passion of the craftsman can be seen in the finished product. These spaces, when created with this pride and passion, resonate in a way that elevates the human spirit for all involved. That is the true power of design.


And while IMI is graced with the receipt of these prestigious awards, we accept them on behalf of all who were involved in the projects and say thank you.

ASID Awards Photos


Back to School

The students at the Foundation for Blind Children started back to school this month. While we are still in need of a classroom cabinetry sponsor and a classroom lighting sponsor (or group of sponsors) the majority of Phase 1 of the project has been completed. The tireless efforts of Kristen Abbey, the designer on the project, and Jean Murphy and the staff at FBC have been amazing and we want to say thank you. None of that work would have happened, however, if not for the generous and selfless donations made by our vendors and the community. Truly, everyone involved in the project has gone above and beyond to see this project become a reality. Our facebook page is loaded with photos of all the people who joined in during this process.

Welcome Back to School

Due to FBC’s school calendar we are only able to work on site at certain times. For that reason we are moving Phase 2 of this project into the Spring. For anyone who would like to be involved with that portion of the project either through monetary or in-kind donations please contact us or take a look at our Inspire Foundation webpage. We would greatly appreciate the support.

As Phase 1 comes to an end we are updating our Inspire Page to include the truly extensive list of people who made this happen. We are so grateful and look forward to working with you again in the future.


Anita Lang was invited to become a regular guest on the McMahon Group’s Morning Scramble morning TV show.  Each month, Anita will visit with Pat McMahon’s co-host Lisa Schneider-Cipriano to discuss design trends and home design ideas.   In August, Anita and Lisa discussed kitchen design.  If you missed the August 22nd segment on TV, don’t worry, you can still watch it here!

In addition, Anita Lang will be attending the Inc. 500/5000 conference in Washington, DC this October.  The conference takes place at the National Harbor, October 10-12.  You may see her join Mansueto Venture’s President Bob La Point on his annual CEO bike ride.   If you are planning on attending the conference or would like us to visit with you while in DC, please call our studio!


2013 ASID Design Excellence Awards


The 2013 ASID AZ North Design Excellence Awards Gala was held at the Montelucia Resort earlier this month. Cindy Lewton and her ASID team did a wonderful job! The evening was beautiful. There was so much talent showcased, the judging must have been extremely difficult. IMI was honored with a total of 10 awards including Best in Show. This year IMI won:


Best in Show

1st Place Total Remodel

Blog: Best in Show

1st Place Residence Under 3,500 sq ft

Thank you to Heather and Fred Studios for their extensive work on this project.

Blog: It’s not brain surgery; It’s harder

1st Place Kitchen Design

Linear Fine Woodworking is responsible for the exquisite cabinetry here.

Blog: There’s not much as personal as a kitchen

1st Place Bathroom Design

Dianda Construction was instrumental in the implementation of this design.

Blog: Jewel Box of the Home
1st Place Furniture Design

A big thank you to Slater Sculpture for bringing this design to life.

Blog: Primitive Instincet Meets Modern Luxury

1st Place Outdoor Living Space

This space was made possible through the wonderful designs of Kettal.

Blog: Luxury of Outdoor Living

2nd Place Residence between 3,500 – 6,000 sq ft

Mark Tanner Construction, thank you for all your support.

Blog: A Cabin by the Lake

3rd Place Residence Over 6,000 sq ft

Ward Young Architecture was responsible for the fantastic architectural work on this project.

Blog: Retreat in the Mountains

3rd Place Furniture Design

A big shout out goes to Rest Assured for their guys handling this massive piece with such care and attention.


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