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LUXURY: Do You Know What It Is?

Posted July 29, 2013 by & filed under

Luxury is a word that evokes excitement and desire. Everyone wants to be luxurious. The mystique of an entrance on the red carpet or the glamour of sailing around the world in a yacht appeals to a primal urge within us all. In the refined, modern world—especially in the area of luxury items—anything primal seems somewhat out of place. So what is that urge that stirs deep down? It is the instinctual necessity to set ourselves apart from the masses and establish our individuality: a place in society that is just for us.

If establishing our individual place in society is our goal, how do we achieve that? We achieve that through obtaining the most luxurious items possible. It is through surrounding ourselves with the rare, the expensive, the truly highest quality of everything that we are able to encapsulate ourselves in a world of our choosing and separate ourselves from the herd.

So is luxury these rare and expensive items? Is it the state of being able to purchase these? What is luxury and what does it mean? Well, that’s the fascinating discussion that this series will develop. Based on conversations with various affluent clients, high end vendors, trade partners and a plethora of others, this series will discuss the various views on luxury and how it remains desirable to most, elusive to many and yet possible for all.