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Time to Embrace Modern Design

Posted December 22, 2017 by & filed under

Time to Embrace Modern Design

The notion of a traditional, old-world home evokes images of warmth and protection translated into dark rooms and heavy
textures. Arizona took a strong hold of this style for a couple of decades with mimicked patinas and ornately detailed layered
textures of Italian palazzos, French chateaus and rural Tuscan farmhouses. At IMI Design Studio, many of our projects focus
on this transition. We aim to transform old-world looks into the clean, fresh, modern design while still embracing the
European-inspired architecture of homes that were built in the 1990s and early 2000s. Because so many homes in the Valley
have traditional, old-world architecture, designers have developed adaptive and creative solutions.

Breathing Fresh Life into Old-World Style

Gone is the heavy, thick and busy home styles. What was considered luxury 20 years ago is now almost suffocating. Dark
colors and heavy drapery head way for updated looks. The more digital noise and clutter we experience in our busy lives, the
greater need for clean, open, flexible floor space, minimalist decorative elements and modern materials throughout the
home. Contemporary forms reach up and out to bring the outdoors in, as opposed to the sheltering, enclosing shapes. So in
this day and age of constant notifications, ads, and media, I find that many clients are embracing the “less is more” mentality.

Because of this phenomenon, our team is continuously developing creative solutions for these projects. Modern homes must
be able to adapt as technologies and styles change. Therefore, we blend together unexpected elements, creating new unions
that are stylish and bold, comfortable and unpretentious, sustainable and tech-savvy. One example of this is replacing heavy
chiseled stone floors with light, wide plank wood. Also, changing overly warm caramel walls to fresh white tones and
refinishing heavy brown to a washed limed gray stain. There are many ways to incorporate modern elements while
maintaining a style cohesive with the architecture of the home. If you are looking for some fresh ideas and inspiration,
connect with us on social media @designeranitalang