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Think BIG!: 5 Commands of Design

Posted May 7, 2014 by & filed under

The last and, arguably one of the most important, of my 5 Commandments of Being a Design Professional is to think BIG! When I say we can change the world I mean it literally. As I continually say, good design uplifts the human spirit. Every project is an opportunity for us as designers to change the world for those living or working in that space. When we change their daily environment we change their energy and that changes their daily interactions. From there it is a domino effect spiraling out from each of our clients. It is a subtle method through which a massive impact can be made on layers of people we will never know.

Beyond just our clients, as designers we can change the world for everyone we work with. Every one of our designs passes through the hands of numerous project team members. Who knows what it will inspire in them as individuals? And, as we discussed in an earlier article on commandment 3, our designs should push the standard of what our vendors do. Any one of our contractors or vendors could be in a rut until a unique and creative design comes along that pulls them out of it. Our creativity can serve as a spark for all of those around us and should always be a reminder of the people we influence just by being great versions of ourselves and using our talent to change the world.

Just as we are talented in the design arena, we have the privilege of working with other talented artisans in various mediums. From wood working to metal working to art to lighting, we combine the best and most talented of what is available to create a singular masterpiece. This is the type of support and patronage some of these craftsmen need in order to continue working in the fields they love. We are providing a means by which art and talent continues and that is never a bad thing.

One step at a time. One person at a time. One design at a time. Each one is a small change that grows over time and eventually we can look back and see what we have accomplished with those around us and know that we are making the world a better place.