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Posted August 30, 2013 by & filed under

Intangible design integrity and artistic interpretation combine with expert craftsmanship and quality materials to create that perfect luxury product you have been searching for. We have discussed the principals needed to create a luxury item and the idea that item embodies. It is impossible to interact with a product built around these principals and not immediately sense a difference when compared to a more mass produced item.

And, while the materials and methods used to fabricate whatever the item is are extremely important, it is the intangible that truly elevates a good product to a luxury experience. An example of the intangible elevating the impact of a space is through the use of family experiences and, yes, even sentimentality. For instance, I had some clients who moved to the Tahoe area and, of course, they love spending family time in these beautiful surroundings. In the design of their cabin I took an old reclaimed canoe that represented these fun family times and had it transformed into a light fixture. Yes, obviously the canoe is tangible. But that joy they share as a family when canoeing on the lake is not. And playing on that sense of happiness by incorporating some aspect of it in their home elevates a simple light fixture to a luxurious design element. Luxury is the ability to elicit such an emotional response through a physical, tangible object. Selling Luxury design brings this to a personal level that will interact on a daily basis.