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Smart Luxury: Scope Development

Posted June 18, 2014 by & filed under

So far, our discussion of Smart LuxuryTM has reviewed why it is important and the first and vital step of getting to know our client. Today we will be discussing Scope Development. It is still part of the overall Getting to Know You phase, but this is when the discussion turns from the client’s personal interests and tastes to more project specific information.

During Scope DevelopmentTM the project team looks at the overall size of the project in relation to the overall budget. This budget has to then be broken down into construction costs, interior finish costs and soft furnishings costs. The IMI Design team will walk through the budget and make sure that the expectations and desires that were established during the Lifestyle AnalysisTM are congruent with the budget. We don’t want anyone going into a project with unrealistic expectations. Even at this early stage there are plenty of options. An experienced team lead can assist in providing priority areas to focus on that will optimize the budget and still accomplish the aesthetic and functional goals. Setting this criteria at the outset of the project not only provides a solid and understood foundation for the project it saves time, money and, most importantly, anxiety, as the project progresses.

Another option available to clients working through a remodel is to phase in the project. Scope DevelopmentTM can assist with this as well. IMI designers will evaluate the Lifestyle AnalysisTM and identify the areas of the home most influential in accomplishing the project goals. Laying out an extensive time line and realistic budget allows the client to work through the project one phase at a time. The phase approach to remodels can make the project easier on the client in other ways as well. Living through a remodel can be frustrating and inconvenient. It is quite difficult to live in a space that is being completely renovated. By breaking the project into smaller sections the life of the client is interrupted on a more minimal scale at any given moment. That, in itself, is reason enough to section the timeline of the project.

No matter the style of project or the end goal, Scope DevelopmentTM is a vital for establishing a consistent starting point for the entire project team as well as clarifying the expectations and final product of what is about to take place.