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Posted February 25, 2015 by & filed under

At IMI Design Studio, we offer a distinct blend of finesse and class when it comes to crafting smart, luxury interior designs. When it comes to creating interior designs for your kitchen, look forward to a well-planned, well-equipped space. You can count on our interior design Scottsdale team to design a beautiful and functional cookery for you.


Your kitchen is not just a place to cook and prepare your food. At IMI Design Studio, we believe that you must also consider this as an area where you and your family can congregate each day. When friends are coming over, the kitchen is also a great alternative to the living room where you can welcome guests; it is where you can share laughs together while you prepare snacks or meals.


The beauty of your kitchen is not just in its outwardly appearance; it also lies in its functionality. Thus, to design a smart, luxury interior for your kitchen, there has to be proper planning and division of space. At IMI Design Studio, we will take into account your preferences in working an interior design that is fitting to the available area in the best possible manner.


Feel free to approach our interior design Scottsdale team with your ideas. With your valuable input, we will come up with the right plan for you. Here’s how we usually do it.


First, we will define the correct positioning of the windows and doors, which will then be followed by the floor’s layout. Then we will consider the proper placement of the cabinets and appliances to achieve optimum efficiency as you do about with your daily activities in the kitchen.


We will also discuss your preferred color, style, or finish for the floor, walls, windows, doors, and cabinets. Once we have agreed on these basic things, we will decide on how to optimize the use of natural light in the room. Of course, these are just preliminary matters. We will also incorporate other things that we may decide in the future as we go along with your kitchen project.

At IMI Design Studio, we take pride in creating practical, functional, and beautiful spaces in your home. You can count on us to create smart, luxury interior designs for your kitchen.