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Smart Luxury Gets to Know You

Posted June 11, 2014 by & filed under

Last week we gave a brief introduction to our trademark Smart LuxuryTM Program. This week we want to begin walking you through the process.

The first phase of the Smart LuxuryTM Program is simply called Getting to Know You. It sounds easy enough, but how does it relate to design? It is the very foundation of good design! There are certain design principles that are universal and relevant in every project; however, the details of each project are different from one client to the next. As a designer, it is imperative to get to know the client. What do they find beautiful? What do they find comfortable? How do they cook? How do they entertain? Where do the pets go? All the way down to how they like their socks folded and everything in between.

As part of this Getting to Know You phase, IMI has developed a proprietary Lifestyle AnalysisTM that guides each new client through the appropriate series of questions for their set of circumstances. The analysis is interactive and adjusts to the responses of each client thus guiding them deeper and deeper in creating a foundation of knowledge for the design team to begin developing the perfect concept.

After the clients finish the Lifestyle AnalysisTM the project team reviews the information and sits down with the new client to discuss it. In addition to this detailed set of information IMI team leads ask that the new clients bring with them anything that inspires them. Generally this includes a folder full of photos torn from the pages of design magazines. Recently we see more and more links to Houzz accounts. But we’ve even had children’s drawings for their own rooms, sports jerseys for the man cave or even collections of art gathered from around the world. Any and all of it is perfect. Sometimes just talking through the information brings out new points that are vital to the appropriate design of a new space. There is no greater basis for a design concept than knowledge of those who will be using the space.

This entire discussion takes place during the first official meeting with IMI Design after it has been retained on the project. It serves as the foundation for what is to come. And yes, things change over the course of these projects but using information that delves deeper than passing trends and encompasses the lifestyle of the client ensures that in a few years they are still loving the space.