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Smart Luxury: Design Development Overview

Posted July 16, 2014 by & filed under

Now that the concept has been finalized the design team has a solid foundation upon which to build. The next stage in the Smart LuxuryTM Program is the Design Development. During this stage two distinct operations will be taking place. The first is transforming the concept into a workable design and the second is preliminary budget tracking.

The first of these operations is the design. During Concept Development a broad swatch of major materials and color palettes were presented to the client. Now, those items will be reviewed, refined and put to work. Specific materials will be selected for specific locations and applications throughout the project. In addition, architectural detailing in the space will be more fully developed (we’ll discuss architectural detailing in more detail in the future) and the design team will be analyzing traffic flow patterns as it relates to the ideal furniture layout and how the architectural features of the home will work with the function of individual spaces. A great deal of research goes into this to ensure that each product is appropriate for the intended application and that the appropriate quantities and times are met to keep the project moving forward.

The second factor that begin developing during this stage of Smart LuxuryTM is greater attention paid to the budget. As the concept is applied in specific locations a preliminary budget will begin to emerge. As the design team develops the research on products or begins to get quantities required to complete the work it will be, in many cases, evident if a particular item falls within the budget or not. This is an interesting moment in any design project because every client is different. Some clients have a strict budget and only want to see an entire package within those guidelines. Others like to see all the options and pick and choose what they want the final product to be. And still others fall somewhere in the middle. We respect everyone’s preferred method and create the Design Development presentations to meet each client’s preference.

The Design Development stage of Smart LuxuryTM generally requires 3 individual meetings: one meeting to review the design of primary spaces, a second meeting for secondary spaces and a potential third meeting for any necessary value engineering options. Over the next few weeks we will discuss each of these meetings individually and what should be expected each step of the way.