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Posted August 12, 2013 by & filed under

One vendor with the company Floor Styles, a vendor of fine floor coverings, described luxury as “Anything very nice to sell.” And this statement has a depth to it. It is just as exciting to be able to provide someone that sense of luxury as it is to be the one doing the purchasing. However, selling luxury and all that entails is a delicate matter. One must maintain the highest levels of both quality and service to be considered a true purveyor of luxury. This goes back to the fact that luxury is not the item being purchased but the experience, the thrill, of finding, procuring, delivering and the continued enjoyment of the item.

I wish I could wrap the world in Mohair. But until then, I love bringing beauty and sensational experiences to my wonderful clients one at a time . In design, the projects last for months and even years at a time. It is my responsibility as a luxury designer to ensure that my clients’ experience, throughout the course of the project, is one of excellence. We handle issues before the client even knows they exist. We make every possible arrangement so that the process is smooth and enjoyable. The service does not pertain only to the project, however. A truly luxurious experience requires a concierge level of service that continues beyond the project. After such long periods of time many clients become like family and we maintain that relationship through little things that show they were more than a project. Not only does this heighten the experience for our client but it makes the experience, from our perspective, that much more enjoyable.  We work with the best interests of our clients at heart and it’s a fulfilling sensation when we get to see the product of our efforts and know that it is bringing those wonderful, luxurious experiences to the day to day life of someone we care for.