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Scottsdale Interior Designer | Smart Luxury: Project Review is Our Commitment

Posted August 13, 2014 by & filed under

Continuing our discussion of the stages of the Smart LuxuryTM Program, today is a very special topic: Project Review. This stage is unique to new construction projects and is really just a bit of lagniappe. Design Development is completed on a new construction project with the presentation and approval of the overall specification package. That’s when Project Review begins. This is the time that IMI commits to the project that is really above and beyond the initial design scope. We know that as projects are implemented things happen: from the engineering and mechanics of a particular element not coming together as planned to materials being out of stock. IMI commits to our clients that we will be available throughout the process and assist in handling each and every issue that comes up subsequent to the specifications being delivered.

It is during this Project Review time that the uniqueness and client-centered approach fundamental to Smart LuxuryTM becomes even more evident. IMI’s designers work with the project team to find the most appropriate method of implementation that also maintains the design goal. That job is not finished when the actual building process begins. During Project Review, the design team will make site visits at vital points during the process as well as when requested by the client or the contractor. Project Review is the time when the project begins taking shape and everything comes to life and we will be a part of that. Providing a magnificent design is not the end of the designer’s work. They must also be able to be on hand and work through any eventuality to bring that design to life.

Smart LuxuryTM is specifically designed to ensure a smooth implementation from conceptual development to move-in and the time devoted to Project Review is pivotal. It is vital that our clients know we are a part of the team for the entire process and this is how we show that.