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Scottsdale Interior Designer | ASID AWARDS: 2nd Place – Special Function Space

Posted September 24, 2014 by & filed under

Being on the road can be luxurious, too! This beautiful motor coach was designed to fulfill the client’s desire for a home away from home that allowed them to live in the same comforts of their regular day-to-day life. Any space can be turned into a luxurious experience with the proper design, and finding that design for a motor coach was quite the exciting process.


In a compact area such as this every space must be maximized for functionality. This was accomplished here by custom designing a long sectional that includes a dinette serving area as well: seating and dining in one. Storage was also maximized by creating built-in cabinets and closets in every available surface. This was made aesthetically appealing by unifying the space through the continuous use of Anigre finishes and ivory leather walls with integrated hardware. Another major factor impacting the overall design and experience of the space is the ceiling and lighting. A plain flat ceiling has been given aesthetic interest through architectural details and lighting while remaining simple and functional (allowing for venting and cable conduit as well as acoustic functions to filter out unwanted noise).


Another example of maximizing space while maintaining a sense of luxury and comfort is the shower/tub feature in the space. What is more sensual and relaxing than a soak in a tub? No need to let a small space prevent that from taking place. The solution included installments of large, organic acrylic panels made to swing open to allow for an open tub experience or remain closed for a shower function. The bathroom space is accented with beautiful green onyx that is backlit for a touch of glamor that still relates to the organic materials of the Anigre woods and Willow embedded in the acrylic.

Additional accent materials were incorporated through the use of horizontal stone mosaics and mother-of-pearl niches. The space itself truly feels like home and has all the comforts one would expect.

(Photos by Dino Tonn Photography)