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Scottsdale Home Designers: Sleeping Arrangements

Posted November 6, 2013 by & filed under

Scottsdale Home Designers

Sleeping Arrangements

There’s nothing more fun…and more stressful…than having a house full of guests. November is when the holiday season kicks off in full force and so we thought it would be a great time to talk about designing and managing a full house without all the stress and worry. This may be the time to start thinking about Scotttsdale home designers.  Let’s break it down into the activities required for guests.

Sleeping: If overnight hospitality is the norm then thinking through guest spaces—event guest casitas—allows a much easier time for everyone finding a bed. Including kitchenettes, a small washer/dryer and TVs allows for complete care of the guests’ needs. If space, budget or a feScotttsdale Home Designersar they won’t leave is a consideration, spaces that are multipurpose can make sense.

In this funky Bohemian media room I included built in fold outs and an extra wide sofa (the size of a twin bed) to accommodate the teenagers overnight crashers. Large groups of close friends can also find comfortable sleeping in the bunk room pictured as the current cover of our Facebook page.Scotttsdale Home Designers

A more private solution can be seen in the guest suite pictured here. A mosaic wall is created with the salvage Mahogany trim from other areas of the home. The fun is in the acrylic magnetic frames that allows for a quick switch of the photos depending on which in-laws are visiting. Also, the guest bath and closet is designed for easy unpacking of suite cases and a small enough closet for a limited stay.

In the end, though, having guests is a privilege. It’s a way to share time with the people in your life you care about. Good design can help to make this experience as convenient and comfortable for all involved, including the kind host and hostess. Next week we will discuss eating with a group of guests.

(Photos by: Dino Tonn Photography)


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