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Project Team Members: The Architect

Posted May 21, 2014 by & filed under

We’ve been discussing the members of a productive project team and the way in which designers are responsible for interacting with each of them. Last week we talked about the client who starts it all. This week we are going to discuss the next major player on the team: the architect.

The architect takes the clients’ desires and transforms them into a structure. He ensures that the new structure is positioned appropriately on the site and optimizes the views and the integration with the surrounding area. The architect also creates the framework for the interiors by ensuring that proper adjacencies exist and that the overall massing is aesthetically pleasing. Working from the outside inwards, this framework provides the basis from which the rest of the team works.

Early collaboration between the designer and the architect helps solve issues of space planning and traffic flow. With thought given to these concepts early in the project the process tends to run more smoothly with fewer changes down the road. The designer works as a compliment to the architect: from the inside out. It is the job of the designer to give life through details to the framework provided. This means everything from fireplace to built-ins are thought through and ensures the interior harmonizes with the exterior architecture. This collaboration and harmony of aesthetics sustains the overall design integrity of the project. When collaboration happens and architect and designer communicate throughout the design process they generally create a wonderful hybrid of ideas.

One way in which IMI works directly with architects is through our detailed drawings and elevations. Using a variety of mediums—from hand drafting to CAD drawings to 3D models—the structural concept of the project is communicated back and forth in an effort to provide the best possible outcome for the client. Having an architect and design team that has the ability to work smoothly together provides a vital foundation for the project as a whole.