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Preparedness and Procedures for COVID-19

Design Goes Digital: IMI Design’s Response to COVID-19

Although our world has shuffled in the way we interact and do business, IMI design is here to assist you in achieving your hopes for beautiful interiors with safe health practices in place. 

Uniquely, our years of design experience implementing long distance projects cross country and internationally has already equipped our firm with processes and skills alighted for today’s needs. These include the following:

Virtual meetings: with video conferencing and online software we are able to conduct everything from your initial interview to elaborate design presentations with ease. Should you prefer an in-person meeting, out large conference room is in place with safety protocol.

Design Renderings: During your design, concepts are presented through 3D imaging and material boards that clearly let you visualize and understand your design plan. The advanced digital rendering skills of our design team allow you to understand the design, but can be adjusted with your preference. In fact, this advanced presentation process allows our clients to feel more comfortable with the design process and allows for their input. 

Project Management: Documentation and information dissemination is expedited through our proprietary E-Binder system. This allows for up to the minute, 24/7 access to volumes of information and construction planning documents. 

As always, IMI Design is fully committed to creating spaces that elevate the human spirit. If you would like more information on the updates, we are happy to answer any questions. Please feel free to call at 480-970-8979.

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