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NOTHING AS PERSONAL AS A KITCHEN: 1st Place Custom Kitchen Design

Posted September 9, 2013 by & filed under

Kitchens could easily be considered the heart of any home. During the day-to-day of a busy life they probably see the most traffic of any room. They can be the scene of tedious chores, memorable family get-togethers and amazing social events. And yet, with such a diversity of duties, the kitchen is one of the most personalized of all the spaces. Do you cook often? What is your cooking style? Is there more than one cook at a time? Should the kitchen be kid friendly?Custom Kitchen

A great example of a kitchen that incorporates the desires of the client with just a bit of assistance on our part is this beautiful sleek, modern space that was honored by being selected as the 1st Place Kitchen Design in this year’s ASID Design Excellence Award. The goal in this kitchen and bar space was to update the bland typicality of the space and create function for a serious cook. As the client put it “I wanted a kitchen to be spectacular, not just newer ordinary.” And that is truly what the outcome is. By plaing on the architectural principal of massing in the kitchen’s layout, interest was created by juxtaposing materials of sleek, white lacquer, rich, warm ribboned sapele and masculine grey limestone.

The natural wood cabinetry plays a significant part in this particular space. A large space in a single material is one technique that can be used to create a significant design impact. Allan Rosenthal and his expert team at Linear Fine Wood Working fabricated and installed the cabinetry in this project ensuring every detail was perfectly finessed. “Seeing the cabinets installed was the most exciting part.” Says the client. “Linear Woodworking did a superb job. When they were installed, I could hardly believe how beautiful they were.”

The space was adjusted to incorporate the dinette seating with the kitchen island while the existing rounded dinette was given a new purpose. This particular client loves to entertain and what better way to entertain than with a full service bar. “I love it and so does everyone else. It’s now the center of our entertaining.” What better compliment can a designer ask for than that? Another factor impacting the design was the importance of lighting in the space. The solution was to offset tracts of directional low voltage lights. LED lighting along with a painted sheet ceiling creates interest while defining the space.

The whole process was a blast to see come together. Design includes a clever balance between aesthetics, the timeline and the budget. The client’s desires and some expertise we were able to reign in costs wherever possible provided a great solution. This is truly a beautiful space and one of which I am so pleased to have been allowed to be a part.

Photos by: Dino Tonn