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WHAT DO I DO NEXT?: Designers Provide Focus

Posted January 22, 2014 by & filed under

Who ever thought of a designer as a life coach? I have come to realize, in many respects, that is exactly what we are. The process of designing a new home or remodeling an existing space can be completely overwhelming for many people. They want to express correctly a reflection of themselves but with a vocabulary that is different than what we typically use. How do you say who you are without uttering a word? This is where a multitude of beautiful color palettes, textures and materials that could be incorporated into a space. For many, it is absolutely intimidating to make the right decisions. And how do these decisions come together to say what they want to say? That is where a good designer comes in.

One of my former clients shared with me, after the project was complete, how creating the space had helped him and his family actually materialize the aspirations they had of living at a higher caliber of life. For his family, they knew the goal but not the steps to take to achieve it. Good, intention driven design is powerful. As a designer it is our responsibility to not only create a beautiful space, but to create a beautiful space that uplifts the daily experience of our individual clients. This can only be achieved by taking the time to get to know them. Find out what they like and what they don’t like, how will they use the space, what are their plans for the future. Look to the future with them and discuss where they want to go. Once that vision of life after the project is clarified, all momentum can be focused in that direction: “Where your eyes look your body will follow.”

While each design is a singular work of art for us, it is their day-to-day and must be handled with the intense focus and respect that deserves. By creating a space that is perfect for that individual, family or couple the art of the design comes alive through their interaction with it. Because of that we, as designers, must make sure we do not lose focus on what it is the clients see—where their eyes are focused. We are merely guides along the way to make sure those end goals are implemented in the most efficient, responsible and beautiful manner possible. Integrity of design and beauty that resonates for each of my clients is my constant goal. Uplifting my clients’ daily experiences is worth the intense focus.