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How New Trends Are Set

Posted August 2, 2018 by & filed under

How New Trends Are Set

Anyone who experiences the world through an artistic medium—painting, photography or, yes,
design—is on a quest to express the basis of all human emotions through that medium. As a
designer I look to elevate the human spirit to a state of joy through the emotions and aesthetics
of the spaces I design.

How does all of this relate to designers (or artists in general) setting the trends? Anyone who
spends their life pursuing artistic expression is, by nature, constantly searching for something
new and different, or a way to reinvent something from the past in a fresh new way that speaks
to a modern audience.

By involving those base emotions, the “next new thing” used by the artists gains a following.
Then, like a snowball on the move, more and more people get on board.

The Science of Trends

This is an interesting concept in psychology. As humans, we have evolved to have a group
mentality, and to think that following the pack is the best way to thrive. This is the principle of
social proof, and is exemplified as a reason advertisers claim that a product is “best-selling” or
“fastest growing”.

Artists and creatives must continually try to “stay ahead of the curve” by thinking outside the
box, which can be a challenge in creative growth. However, creative people are blessed with the
talent of seeing these emotionally effective concepts before the rest of the world. It’s their goal,
my goal, to share those creations with the world in a way that will uplift all who experience it.

When that happens, the snowball begins. From there it is one person sharing a meaningful
experience with another person and so on. That is how trends are set…and the reason why so
many are touched by them.