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LUXURY STABLES: Horses as a Hobby

Posted February 12, 2014 by & filed under

The last few weeks we’ve been talking about the luxury of having a hobby as well as some luxurious hobbies. This week it continues. Tomorrow the Arabian Horse show opens at Westworld and I can’t wait. The horses themselves are spectacular specimens of beauty and elegance: the living example of what we work towards in design. We have designed homes in the past that included stables or were for families who owned and trained horses. Talk about a hobby! That is truly a labor of love. Unlike the cars and bikes and cigars, working with another living thing is a commitment that cannot be taken lightly. And that commitment can be seen in the time and thought that is put into designing the spaces for the horses and their riders. From consideration for grooming functions to organizing a tack room, stable design has many layers of consideration to ensure. It services my client’s needs but still creates the desired aesthetic. Typically I see, unlike other luxury lifestyle hobbies, that horses demand more time and often a daily connection from my clients. Creating a space in which they are going to spend so much of their time and pour out so much of their passion is truly an honor and a privilege a take to heart.