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LUXURY AT THE MOVIES: Luxury Movie Theatres

Posted July 29, 2013 by & filed under

Who doesn’t like going to the movies? But even the nicest of theaters have always been a little on the edge as far as comfort goes. The seats were either stiff and immovable or the cushions were so worn it felt like a recliner when it wasn’t actually supposed to be. It’s about time that a more luxurious movie experience was available.

One trend that seems to be growing is the luxury and dine-in theaters. Larger, more comfortable reclining chairs with lots of leg room and even a build in side table for food and drinks are all the new rage. This recent article ( really highlights the fact that movie-goers want more and expect more and it is paying off to be at the front edge of this trend. Here in our area the AMC Dine-In Theaters Esplanade 14 ( have managed to create this type of luxury movie watching experience.

Tickets can be purchased online—and pretty much must be purchased early, as it consistently sells out—with assigned seating making the arrival that much easier. The lobby of the theater is actually a full-fledged lounge with tables for large groups, intimate bistro tables for that special date and well stocked bar for just having a good time. Aside from the comfort of more room per guest, this AMC has a staff of servers who deftly manage the stadium seating in complete darkness delivery food and drinks from the bar throughout the movie. The arrive on cue with the flight-attendant-like call buttons at each seat. The overall experience is enhanced by the fact that there are strict limitations on the ages of guests who are allowed in the theater after certain times of the night.

The overall atmosphere is potentially less “family friendly” than the usual move theater. However, there are times and places for family movies with all the children and their friends and then there are times for that special date night or even just a nice adult night out with the girls. These theaters are truly stepping it up and showing that previously every-day experiences can also be a luxurious experience.