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The Luxury of a Hobby

Posted December 19, 2018 by & filed under

One of the elements of having a hobby is how it brings people together. An example is my biker buddies, who love their rides just a smidge less than their kids. When we get together we can talk for hours. We know we have something in common and that just gets us started down a road and who knows where we will end up. Then, once you actually get started down a road and ride together, there is a friendly connection that seems to accelerate the bonding experience from person to person. I see this same process in my clients: from the equestrian lovers and car collectors to the art collectors and music aficionados. Humans innately are made to connect to other humans. Our passions, when shared, give us our own “secret” language to cut through the other social and cultural layers and get right to the bond that we share…that thing that brings us joy.

In today’s day and age there are so many groups that can be found online or in your area that allow us to explore options we never knew existed. Find what it is that excites you and brings you joy and take a few moments from your busy life to just enjoy it.

Everyone may not realize that these hobbies of ours can and should be incorporated into the design of any space. That isn’t to say that I’m going to put Ducati logos throughout my condo! But, for an art collector, a space can be designed to truly highlight some favorite pieces and ensure each work is properly lit and displayed. For some hobbies, golf for example, a dedicated space for storage should be kept in mind while space planning. It’s when the golf clubs end up all over the garage that the hobby becomes an issue for those who don’t participate. That is an easy fix that a good designer will keep in mind during the concept and design development phases. The interior of a home does not stand alone. It is created to elevate the spirit of those who live there and ensuring the proper place for those things that bring you joy are top priority.