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Luxury Design: Design for Conversation

Posted November 13, 2013 by & filed under

Luxury Design

Luxury Design for Conversational Space

Sometimes guests aren’t spending the night. Sometimes they are just there for a few hours and the whole reason we get together is to visit with one another. Friends talk; sometimes it’s side by side and other times is sitting across from each other but at all times it must be comfortable. Even when gathering a group of strangers for an evening of introductions the space must facilitate the comfort level in order to make the night run smoothly.  A big part of Luxury Design is designing spaces of comfort that are beautiful and uncluttered.

Gathering in groups large and small to share stories and make planes is one of the greatest pleasures. I like to think through spaces so that it is cozy enough for small, intimate gatherings while being versatile enough to accommodate the larger groups as well. This can be accomplished by using oversized sofas or even chair and a halfs (really wide chairs). If even more seating is needed, there is always the large scale ottoman stored neatly beneath the coffee table.  Even awkward spaces can be optimized with a bit of forethought. In the image here, the space is long and narrow. However, designing a custom sofa that allows for seating on both sides and the end gives an added amount of seating and areas for those impromptu groups within the party.

Luxury Design

Another fun way to incorporate seating and conversational areas within a space is by implementing clever alcoves with built-in banco seating.Luxury Design This allows for spontaneous smaller gatherings with a sense of intimacy even when the room is filled with strangers. This can be seen in the great room photo to the left. The bancos actually become part of the art of the space while remaining functional and inconspicuous.

No matter what is going on around you, the feeling of comfort and intimacy provided by good space planning and thinking through traffic flows will give guests a wonderful experience. Old friends will catch up and new friends will be made and your hosting skills will be praised by everyone.