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Posted August 2, 2013 by & filed under

Life is too short! It should be lived and lived well; that is luxury! Every experience we have, from our cup of coffee in the morning to plopping on the sofa with our family in the evening to slipping into bed at night, should be enjoyed to its fullest extent. To me, these are the experiences that create a luxurious life and this is what I love to create for my clients. Their coffee is made from the best cappuccino machine available providing a treat for their palette. The sofa is made with quality craftsmanship and down cushions for a comfort that wraps them and their kids in coziness. They sleep between the softest, silkiest Egyptian cotton 1100 thread count sheets for that cool feel against their skin as they drift to sleep. We only have so much time to experience this life so it’s my job to make it as positively sensational as possible for each of my clients’ day-to-day routines at home or in the office.

Recently, a client of mine gave me the most wonderful of compliments. She said my design was “smart.” The reason behind the comment was because we were able to provide with a unique experience within her desired project budget. That unique experience was a custom articulating vanity mirror I had designed that allowed her to enjoy the view while going through the typical mourning routines. Good design goes the step farther and carefully considers how to optimize the aesthetics in conjunction with careful consideration as to the function the space will serve on a daily basis. How can I make the most of the space and the experiences had within the space?

An example of this is a wonderful eye-level horizontal window in a shower that captures the panoramic view of the landscape the client loves. What a great way to start the day!  For another client it is the convenience of a coffee maker within arm’s reach of the bed. Personally, I would like to just attach an IV, being the addict that I am, but the convenience and decadence of awaking to that fresh coffee smell and having it waiting as you slowly wake up is just fantastic. Another example of combining aesthetics and function of modern day technology are appliance screens (TV’s and computers) that “pop up” from under kitchen counters, under beds, behind art work or even through two-way mirrors. It keeps the visual clutter to a minimal, but is readily available when needed.

Living to the fullest means having the comforts and “little extras” that you never even knew were available. Surrounding yourself with those things, with whatever it is that makes you happy and at peace, is the ultimate luxury.