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Why Less is Less: Buy Quality

Posted October 9, 2013 by & filed under

We have all seen those shows where someone recreates a million dollar room for $500 or something completely impossible like that. And yes, they may look similar in the end but the bigger question is not what did they get, but what did they loose. Yes there is still a chair to sit on and a table to eat on and a sofa to lay on but something must be missing.

The Touch of the Hand

Typically these price points are mass produced furniture from an assembly line with an energy focused on efficiency–cost cutting–and mass consumption. We have all seen and even felt the energy from a hand crafted piece of furniture are commissioned art piece. Each stroke is one of love for the creation and passion for the skill required to create it. Not only is the hand crafted item completely unique in all the world but it just feels different.

Quality and Comfort

A piece that is made to last doesn’t sag, doesn’t delaminate and doesn’t fall apart with the first bump. We have all had those college days pieces and there is a time and place for them. But thank goodness hard work has its rewards. Comfort and quality! Quality brings comfort. Imagine soft down cushions on a sturdy 8-way hand tied frame; it supports you for decades.


The exquisiteness of subtle elements such as the play of interlocking materials at the corner of a dining table or the perfect curve of the chair leg or the beauty of carefully laid diamond match veneer elevates any piece to a new level. It will sent a little bit of excitement to the emotions of those who recognize the craftsmanship and work put into such a piece. This level of detail is lost in the fast paced turn around times of the mass produced.

Everyone is on a budget so replacing every piece of furniture with one of the highest quality is not generally plausible. Instead, have a plan so you know where you want to end up. Buy slowly but buy quality; each piece is an investment and should be selected with the help of a trained eye. Let a designer help share this wonderful world of luxury living. They often have resources that are available exclusively to the trade with options the general public do not have. A trained eye can help in creating a strategy for smart investing and a plan for the best composition and design implementation. Become a curator of your life’s pieces and enjoy the fantastic stories and emotions they will provide for years to come.