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Launch of Smart ConciergeTM: Newsletter Jan 2014

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Happening Now
January 2014

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In Other News…
Anita the Jet Setter
Be Inspirational
Coming! 5.28.14
IMI Launches Smart Concierge
Feng Shui Event by Smart Concierge
I Spy… by Anita

In Other News…

Anita on the Move

This Monday Anita left for Chicago where she will be working with longstanding clients on the design of their latest Liberty Coach. We are excited to be on-board with that.01222014 AL FB Leavitts in Chicago

Leaving directly from Chicago she is on her way to Paris! She will be attending the Maison et Objet event before flying back to NYC for a string of meetings with industry publications. We will be discussing these meetings in the February newsletter or, for the latest, take a look at her public figure page.

Be Inspirational

Inspire And FBC Logo

Phase 2 of the Inspire project renovating the campus of the Foundation for Blind Children is underway. We are in need of generous and inspirational partners in this project who can help by sponsoring a particular item or making a general donation. You can see our list of needs on the Inspire Page and donate directly from the page. We greatly appreciate it.

Happy New Year! I hope all of you have had a wonderful holiday season and are starting the new year with the same energy, happiness and great expectations as we are. 2014 is truly starting with fireworks.–Anita

Announcing Our Furniture Line!

It is official. We are unveiling the new furniture line this year on 5.28. The excitement is growing as Anita Lang takes the sketches and catalogs with her to Paris and on the way back stops by New York for desk-side media visits with Architectural Digest, Elle Decor and House Beautiful among others.

Planes Dining Table 1 - Concept v. Original

A new website dedicated to the furniture line will be launching soon and providing up-to-date progress and information. Most importantly, we will be delivering vignette pieces to showrooms and on May 28th we will be letting everyone in on the powerful story behind the name of the line. What’s the big deal with the name? You will have to wait to find out. Stay tuned in the coming months to find the intention behind the name.

IMI Launches Smart ConciergeTM

We are delighted to announce the launch of Smart ConciergeTM, a dedicated, luxury concierge service and lifestyle management program. Our Smart ConciergeTM specializes in creating customized experiences and services for IMI Design Studio’s exclusive clientele.

Smart ConciergeTM has already secured several distinctive partnerships to ensure only the highest level of services to its clients. The menu of services goes far beyond simply organizing residential services but reflects organizational focus of complete luxury lifestyle management.

From exclusive events to unmatched resources, our Smart ConciergeTM, a specialized area within our Smart LuxuryTM program, can handle any challenge. Just ask!

Read more here: Smart LuxuryTM

Feng Shui Event by Smart ConciergeTM


Feng Shui for the Year of the Horse!

This was the first event created by IMI Design’s Smart ConciergeTM program. It was a limited seating event where practical Feng Shui principles and tips were introduced and discussed that can be applied to any home. Feng Shui Master Sandy Sue, owner of Balance Your Life, demonstrated these tips at a walk through of the home of Anita Lang. The conversation between the two on how to marry Feng Shui principles with the iconic, luxury design style of Anita was fascinating.If you were unable to attend but would be interested in another similar event please let us know.

See more photos from the event on our Facebook page.

Anita & Sandy Sue with Hostess Gift 01

In The News…

Inspire Design Foundation received great coverage in the January 3rd issue of the Arizona Republic. If you missed it, you can still read it here.Anita Lang was featured in the January edition of Uptown Magazine. Did you catch her? What did you think?
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Inspire Foundation 2014

I Spy…
by: Anita

“Where your eyes look your body will follow” These are the words from Shelly, my yoga teacher.”Look where you want to go.” That is from Bill, my motorcycle riding instructor.

They have proved true time and time again…including the time my bike bumped into a wall. I was so afraid of hitting the wall I couldn’t stop focusing on it and sure enough…my bike went where I was looking and …oops… I had a little tumble.

What is truly amazing is that I see this principle to be universal both in my business as an entity as well as in my craft. As a designer life is full of diversions and full of challenges. Keeping my eye on the goal allows unexpected turns to be an opportunity. Stay focused on the benefits, be optimistic and attain results. Happy clients. Happy team. Happy me.

As I design I’m not looking at all the negatives of why something can’t be done. Start with the ideal for your client by knowing who they, solving lifestyle needs and understanding what they will respond to emotionally.It may take facing the challenges: limitations of skill, limited budget, scarcity of materials, etc. No matter the bumps along the way, stay focused; “Look where you want to go.”

You can correct for these needs with clever solutions staying intent on the goal and maintaining the Integrity of the design. The creation of beauty that resonates for each of my clients and uplifts their daily experiences is my constant goal. So my new year resolution is my renewed commitment to keep my mind’s eye on my clients’ best interests.