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Interior Design Scottsdale: A Designer’s Eye

Posted October 29, 2013 by & filed under

Interior Design Scottsdale

Luxury Starts with Quality for Interior Design Scottsdale

Interior Design Scottsdale: How do you build or renovate a home within the time and budget parameters and still have a quality project? Over the last few months IMI has had the great opportunity to work with some talented teams of architects and contractors as we have designed and specified some incredible homes. All of it was done while honoring the clients’ budgetary and lifestyle needs and their expectations. The consideration for budget, quality, and luxury make for the best Interior Design in Scottsdale.  The following steps help ensure this positive outcome.

  1. Budget As A Team: As a team, establish a realistic and attainable budget based on each line item in the overall project. Each member must play their part. The architect must cleverly adapt structural elements; the contractor must be smart and cost effective in building techniques; the designer must incorporate the clever use of materials and design principles; the clients must balance expectations with the budget and time capabilities.
  2. Establish Priorities:  Prioritize what will make the greatest impact on the project and what can be more feasibly addressed at a later date. Here a design professional can give you good advice on what will give you the biggest wow factor and what items can play second fiddle in the overall scheme: also helping with budgeting.
  3. Comprehensive Plan: An important part of planning is clearly specifying materials and finishes, appliances, cabinet details, etc. early in the project. This allows time to resolve budget over-runs by reallocating cost from one line item to another or by finding appropriate substitutions. Detailed specifications provide clear communication with the team during the vetting process ensuring that bids are “apples for apples;” this avoids the upcharge syndrome during construction. This extensive planning allows for close monitoring of budget before the client is placed in a corner with no viable options. Such a plan allows for the possible execution of later elements as financial resources become available.
Interior Design Scottsdale

Rendering courtesy Dale Gardon Design

I was thrilled with the recent application of this process by our team: Dale Gardon Design, Salcito Custom Homes & IMI Design. We were able to value engineer the project while still delivering a most spectacular project for our mutual client. The remodel is 5,000 sqft with an addition of 9,000 sqft in a beautiful Mediterranean style with exquisite architectural detailing. The furnishings stand out by having a sexy “This ain’t your mama’s sofa” appeal. The team was amazing at providing great value to the client without compromising the stunning design. We can’t wait to share the pictures as the project completes next summer.

Of course, selecting the right interior design Scottsdale firm for your project is the first and most important step to get right. At IMI Design Studio, we are confident that we are the best interior design company in the area and we would love to have the chance to work with you and show you what makes us unique. To have us work with you and your budget to make quality design contact us today at (480)970-8979 | Interior Design Scottsdale