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Interior Design Phoenix: Designing for Dinner Guests — keep

Posted November 20, 2013 by & filed under

Interior Design Phoenix

Designing for Dinner Guests


Interior Design Phoenix | This time of year ginterior design phoenixuests are usually interested in one thing: eating. Whether it’s Thanksgiving Dinner or Christmas Dinner or something in between, visiting is going to be centered around the kitchen and dining room. So often throughout the year, and rightly so, our visiting revolves around eating. Creating spaces that allow gathering requires consideration of space planning, traffic flow and clever dual purpose seating.  This is the time we have to think about designing for dinner guests.  Auxiliary seating can be considered in your initial design plan so it’s ready when you need. Here are examples I’ve used in clients’ homes. In large great room spaces, ideal for informal gathering, incorporate a long, linear drop leaf table. During the year it’s a sofa table. Yet the leaves easily pop up and provide another dining table. Also, large coffee tables can double for seating. I have had as many as four couples fit on four ottomans at an over-sized waterfall table.


But visiting isn’t done interior design phoenixjust during the meal but also during the preparation of the meal. Many great family moments are celebrated in the kitchen as the meal is being prepared by the resident chef or chefs. By creating large scale islands or even dual islands not only does the chef has space to work, but the family and friends can easily find a spot to hang out during the process. Some kitchens even have under-counter space that can be used for a pop-out television when needed: great for the Thanksgiving football game!

There are a great deal of ways to bring the family and guests to the food. It is just another way that considering the use of the space at the outset can help optimize the design.


(Photos by: Dino Tonn Photography)