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Washington, DC!

The Inc. 500 Conference was an impactful experience for me and, from the expressions I heard, the other 2000 attendees. The dichotomy of the experience verged on the surreal. The conference was held in Washington DC during the government shut down. Here we were in the nation’s capital that was shut down by dysfunction and yet this group was celebrating America’s top fastest growing entrepreneurs.
Their stories of hard work, ethics, determination, self-discipline and focus were inspirational and I am so proud to live in a country with so much opportunity. My head is practically stuffed to the brim with business strategies and systems as taught by the renowned experts. I’m so grateful to have been able to participate in some of these amazing seminars.
Jack Stack’s humble expressions of open book management as he was building 31 companies from the failing National Harvester. How do you have a competitive advantage in your industry? His philosophy: “Tell the truth!” I completely agree.
Mark Ecko also gave an amazing lecture regarding business from a designer’s point of view: creating a brand with authenticity. As I develop our furniture line it felt like he had prepared the talk just for me. In meeting him I was inspired by his quirky realism and I heard from him what I have experienced myself: “Hear yourself. You know!”
Thank you Inc 500 team and Bob LaPointe for honoring and celebrating what makes America what it is: the entrepreneur’s spirit.
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