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IMI Featured in Prime Magazine: Newsletter Sep 2012

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September at IMI Design

September Banner

Our studio has been buzzing with activity as usual this past month. We’ve been keeping busy with client projects, more development on the new website, team Learn at Lunches with local vendors and we even had a film crew in our studio last week!On the community end of things, Anita traveled to Laguna Niguel, California on the 13th to attend the 6th Annual Designer Runway, presented by Laguna Design Center and Luxe Magazine.  She was very excited to take part in a night of great food and fashion, all benefitting the Philharmonic Society Committees.Also, the feature article on Anita’s poker room design that we mentioned last month appeared in the latest issue of PRIME Living Magazine! If you missed it, you can take a look at it by clicking here and skipping to pages 48 and 49.  


Prime Magazine 


This month we launched our Luxury Series videos on our Facebook page, too.  Did you catch the first edition?  If not, you can view it here.

Luxury and the Client


This month we have focused on the concept of Luxury and the Client, as was mentioned on our Facebook page following the introduction of the first Luxury Series video. Often times luxury comes into play in helping a client realize their dreams. They may have a vague idea that is swirling around in their minds, but being able to extract that idea one piece at a time and use it to create a real and tangible space that is exactly what they were looking for is a unique ability. Being able to present what a client can merely put into words is an ability vital to any designer and one that our team prides itself on having.


Now that you have another piece of our luxury pie, we’d like to hear from you.  As always, we welcome your ideas for topics to cover in our luxury series, and this month we are introducing a contest for a special, luxurious incentive!


The release of the anxiously awaited iPhone 5 led us to selection of our first topic: luxury and technology. To many people, hundreds of thousands of apps on your iPhone, right at your fingertips might be truly luxurious. What other techno items give you the experience of luxury? Send photos, descriptions and ideas to luke@imidesignstudio for your chance to win a free gift on us.

Anita Lang Signature Furniture: Curvilinear Collection


The idea behind curvilinear design is the use of curved lines in art and architecture. As design and architecture continue to evolve, there is a great movement towards curvilinear design that can be seen in places such as the works of Zama Hadid and Gehry. The gap between the constructed environment, and the physical and psychological well being of those in that environment can be bridged through the wonderfully free flowing, informal and organic expressions found in curvilinear design.

Curvilinear Desk

Inspired by natural shapes such as conch shells, tide marks on the sea shore and even the female form, the Anita Lang Signature Curvilinear Collection embraces the use of the free flowing line. Many find these soft lines to be pleasant, elevating and calming and we have been able to captured such a spirit in this collection.

Next month…


We will announce the winner of the first Luxury Series contest and give an inside look at what made Anita design furniture.


You might recall mention of lights and cameras in our studio recently as well. Anita filmed a collection of 9 interior design expert insights videos this month for a possible spot on a major website.

Photo Shoot


Stay tuned next month for an update on the progress!


Home Tour 

Experience: Tour of Homes

Every year the Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS sponsors a Tour of Homes event to help raise money for their fantastic organization.

This year, in combination with Luxe Source Magazine and John Brooks Showroom as well as numerous other partners and sponsors, the event is being taken to a new level.

Magnificent homes are being opened up throughout the prestigious Silverleaf Community, as well as beautiful Paradise Valley.

This wonderful event will take place Saturday, October 27th and Sunday, October 28th with an exclusive brunch hosted by a surprise celebrity chef.

We encourage everyone to take a moment to come out and view these exquisite works of architecture and design, while supporting a wonderful cause.




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