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IMI Design Studio | Luxury Design | Creating Elegant Space

Posted January 29, 2015 by & filed under

Creating Elegant Spaces That Reflects Your Personality Through Luxury Design

The premier interior design Scottsdale team of IMI Design Studio brings the best in design innovations and cutting-edge trends in light, color, and patterns. With our trusted brand of luxury design options, we provide our discerning clients with the best possible interior design and indoor architectural solutions.

Our talented interior designers are in partnership with architects, contractors, and other related professionals. Together they create sophisticated yet intimate indoor environments, which are highly personalized.  We tailor every project to each client’s desires. We excel at achieving distinctively beautiful designs because we work with the best group of people. With personal attention to detail and integrity in our design, we can also design, furnish, and decorate your home.

At IMI Design Studio, we facilitate interior design projects from start to finish. Whether you’re planning to update your interior or build a new home, we provide luxury design options to achieve functionality, style, and elegance. Our award-winning interior designers would love to listen to your ideas, work with your concepts, and incorporate them in our design. With a wide range of styles and aesthetic solutions, our interior design Scottsdale team will achieve that elegant look that you’ve always wanted. Sharing the luxurious experience is our greatest privilege.

We love all aspects of Luxury. Most of all we love interior design. If there’s one thing that we’re truly passionate, it’s about creating beauty wrapped up in a welcoming home. Artistry and craftsmanship are two things that we stand for. We’ll create interior spaces that aren’t just for you to live in; we’re also about creating lovely environments that you fall in love with.

No matter your style, preferences, or budget, we have thoughtful solutions for every design challenge. We’ll turn your vision into a reality.

Contact IMI Design Studio at 480.970.8979 (in Scottsdale, AZ)

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580.507.3701 (in Truckee, CA).

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