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IMI Design and Phoenix Childrens Hospital

Posted November 16, 2015 by & filed under

Our team is participating in the Phoenix Children’s Hospital’s Festival of Trees 2015.  In this annual event,  interior designers volunteer their time and materials to decorate high-end Christmas trees, which are then auctioned off to the public.  While that in itself is quite wonderful, we hope to provide another fresh artistic view.

The inspiration for our tree this year was an amazing structure at Burning Man 2013 called The Temple of Grace, designed by David Best.

Displaying temple 2

The Temple was a spiritual and sacred space for memorials, reflection, celebration and to commemorate life transitions.  It was a special work of art given to the community, and a spiritual refuge where thousands gather, each to engage with it in his or her own way. People wrote memorials, letters, notes or brought tokens that represented something significant to them. The structure incorporated a central interior dome within a graceful curved body made of wood and steel. Its signature look was the intricately cut wooden panels for the exterior and interior skin.


Inspired by sacredness and the aesthetic beauty, our tree will incorporate the intricate wood panels design with an exotic global pattern. This sculpture-like piece, reaching nearly 10 feet in height will be illuminated with silver LED wire and glimmering crystal within the negative space of the carving.  A cross between a traditional tree and an ornamental structure, this will be one of the most unique trees ever constructed.


The year’s festivities will run from November 23 to December 1 with the trees being showcased in the Neiman Marcus Courtyard at Scottsdale Fashion Square, even on the busiest shopping day of the year-Black Friday!


But it doesn’t end there. The second stage of this tree’s giving follows suit with the temple tradition. Just as the temple at Burning Man is burned at the end of the festival symbolically releasing with it all the memorabilia and tokens brought in by participants, on January 9th, this tree too will be a part of a ceremonial releasing for the New Year. The ornament will be replaced with “gone-aments” sponsored by the generous-hearted participants. From childhood diseases to personal thoughts of wishes and/or frustrations, the tree will be burned to signify a new hope.


To ensure the success of this vision we are still looking for a sponsor to step forward and underwrite this work of love. All proceeds directly benefit Phoenix Children’s Hospital. The benefactor will enjoy one of the most intriguing trees for their family holiday and have the opportunity to support families with children in need. Would you be interested?