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IMI Defines Luxury: Newsletter July 2012

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Welcome to Monthly News from IMI Design!


From photos and inside peeks of our latest projects, to product highlights and updates on the Anita Lang Signature furniture line, we look forward to keeping you up to date on what we’ve been up to and what’s to come in the near future from our studio.

To start things off, we’d like to take a moment to fill you in on some big and exciting changes that have happened recently for our team and brand.

Interior Motives, Inc. and IMI Design, LLC
During the past 20 years, Interior Motives Inc. has been a leading name in luxury residential and commercial interior design.  We have been truly blessed with great clients who have invited us into their lives by allowing us to create beautiful spaces that represent their ideal.  As a result, our work has been honored with a multitude of awards.

Building on this solid reputation and established record as a leader in luxury design, Interior Motives Inc. has evolved into IMI Design, LLC.  This new brand emerged to serve our team in new markets and is the offspring of years of hard work and beautiful design.



Why the name, IMI Design, you ask? We think Anita explained it best, when she said,

“The reason is twofold. It was a simple acronym from the founding company Interior Motives Inc. but more importantly, the name reflects the powerful impact of interior design. Without uttering a word, a space can say ‘I am bold’, or, ‘I am a free spirit,’ or ‘I am friendly;’ thus, IMI Design. When there is harmony between soul and environment, a positive, uplifting energy is created.”

As such, our focus will remain on creating a luxurious experience that each client will appreciate as a work of art. We also continue to hold to the values of sustainability as a basis for good design.

The Repurposing of Interior Motives


As IMI Design grows in the fields of luxury interior design, the name Interior Motives Inc. will not be lost, but rather, repurposed. The energy and resources put into Interior Motives will now be harnessed into a related area of design: furniture.
Interior Motives Inc. will market the Anita Lang Signature line exclusively to the trade. This is an effort to support the industry and to capture an audience that truly appreciates the passionate expression of each piece. We will keep you updated on the monthly progress of the line through our newsletters, so stay tuned!


IMI Defines Luxury

Officially, the word luxury is defined as the state of great comfort and extravagant living; however, that definition leaves a lot to be explained. Some define luxury as the most expensive item available, others feel it is the companionship of good friends; to some it is the moments throughout life that are truly unforgettable, and with each person we speak with, a new definition emerges. In the end, luxury is anything that brings peace and happiness and uplifts the spirit of anyone experiences it.

IMI Design’s core mission is to find what each client considers their personal luxury and bring it to life in a way that client has never before imagined; whether that means designing and creating the most exclusive, one-of-a-kind table, or furnishing in a style that embodies unforgettable moments from that person’s life.

For those of you who were at the IMI Design studio’s grand opening you’ll recall that we were asking each of you for your definition of luxury. Over the next few months, we will be using the responses from those interviews to demonstrate the true depth and breadth of the idea of luxury and how IMI Design uses those ideas in a truly unique and remarkable way.

Is there a particular component of luxury interior design you’d like to learn more about?  Send your suggestions to and we will be happy to cover it in one of our upcoming newsletters.


 Meet Anita Lang


Anita Lang, founder and principal designer at IMI Design Studio, LLC takes interior design to another level.

She founded IMI Design, LLC formerly Interior Motives, Inc. in 1990. Because of her ability to understand and meet the needs of architects and builders, she has continued to incorporate practical aspects of design-build integration, giving her firm a distinctive edge.


She has also attracted some of the region’s most talented design professionals with her NCIDQ and LEED certifications.


 Anita leads her staff at IMI Design Studio to create inspirational and uplifting environments, accented with custom designed and custom-built furniture pieces.

It is no surprise that for several years in a row, IMI Design has won ASID Design Excellence Awards. The firm has also been the recipient of Arizona Home Book Design Excellence Awards, featured in the 2006 edition of Spectacular Homes of the Southwest, as well as a recipient of an Interwest Great American Kitchens Design Merit Award.

In 2006, Anita founded the Inspire Design Foundation and launched the annual Inspire Design contest, in which interior design students compete to win a scholarship and paid internship with IMI Design.

Anita is a frequent public speaker on topics ranging from incorporating fine art into interior design, to environmentally conscious design sustainable design elements. 



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