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Posted August 16, 2013 by & filed under

Needs are not always problems. In the previous blog for this series I wrote that we take care of issues before the client even knows they exist. Over the course of any project there are inevitably a few snags. There are, however, many more issues—simple items that need to be answered or resolved to keep the project moving. Lynne Blake, owner of the white glove receiving and delivery service Rest Assured, embodies this particular facet of luxury. She summed it by her definition of luxury: “Taking care of needs in a proactive way.”

Having been in the business for more years than I care to admit in public I am almost like a fortune teller. I know the questions that are going to come up. I know the fine details that are going to make the final experience just that much better. Of course we always are learning new things but incorporating the pieces we already are aware of into our standard operating procedures we are able to be proactive in fulfilling the majority of a project’s—and client’s—needs.

Henry Ford is credited with the comment of “If you’d asked people what they needed they would have said faster horses.” This single comment—whether he actually said it or just worked in this direction—shows the need for proactive and innovative ideas. Not only do we know what the clients need and expect but we are constantly thinking one step farther. What do they need that they don’t even realize just yet? Or, better yet, what can we do that is completely unexpected to make this whole process easier and more efficient? It was this thought process that ignited the spark to create our proprietary E-Binder system. It is that same driving principal that continues to develop that system for even more productivity and better communication on each project.

It is no longer acceptable to be “good enough” or even the best in the game for Scottsdale interior design. We always strive to be one step ahead.