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Designing on Two Wheels

Posted September 18, 2013 by & filed under


I love riding my bike almost as much as I love to design.

You probably think the two are so different. Anita on her DucatiAnd yes, there are parts of it that are. But there are elements that are the same for me. When I’m driving my bike nothing else matters. I am truly in the moment. I am not thinking of any stresses at work or my shopping list for Safeway or the to-do list of tasks…or even the ridiculously handsome man I just passed. Okay..well, maybe he grabs my attention for a second, but just that tiny second.  It is focused design.
Because I am so immersed in the very NOW of it all I feel each bump of the road, watch every car and anticipate any erratic move they may do…Do they see me as we both enter the intersection? I am so immersed in the present that the mundane becomes exhilarating. I feel every sensation. Every sense is involved: the feel of the road as it bumps me along; the sights as they pass my periphery and make new memories; the sound of a truck coming up to my right or the clutter sound of construction ahead; the smell of cut grass and the smell of the exhaust of the diesel truck two lanes in front of me; the sun that warms my back. It is being so alive and so engulfed in the very moment nothing else matters so that moment is fully experienced. I am fully present.

When I design there is a similar experience for me. I am so immersed n the process of creation that nothing else matters. Time is irrelevant it could be ten minutes or it could be four hours. I don’t experience the time. Every aspect of my focus is involved to the point that I see, smell, hear and feel the experience I am creating for my client. We are all aware of our gifts and talents. We are responsible to develop them as fully as possible. We are to become masters at those gifts so we can share our gift with others. Each person shines in their greatness and as they experience these gifts and share them with the world each moment is experienced to its completeness.
May every moment we are lucky enough to have on this beautiful earth be saturated to the fullest. Don’t waste the present. I know my gift is small in comparisons to humanity’s vast needs, but it is what I can give for those with whom I am lucky enough to cross paths.DSC_0227