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EXPERIENCE AND EMOTION: Luxury in Physical Form

Posted August 26, 2013 by & filed under

“This home elevated our life experience.” One client complimented when their project was done. “It is the physical expression of who we aspire to be.”

We’ve been talking about the idea that luxury is not necessarily a specific item or set of items, but is, instead, a series of pleasurable experiences. Does that mean, then, that that beautiful watch or limited edition hand bag is not luxurious in its own right? Not at all! There are numerous brands out there that have refined their product and services to encompass all of the things we’ve talked about to this point. Through their years of refining their services and creations their products themselves embody luxury.

The sense of excitement and thrill of being able to walk into a luxury store and being able to purchase that new item you’ve been pining over.  There is a sense of comfort and pleasure in the simple state of being able to purchase a long desired item. The actual object of the purchase embodies the craftsmanship, service and details that made the brand desirable to begin with. It also serves as a sense of pride and satisfaction that will remain with you for some time. Then, the experience of wearing the watch or carrying the handbag only help increase the excitement and joy of particular moments in life. So yes, luxury is, in my opinion, an experience. But it most definitely can be summed up in a physical component.

Relating this to my area of expertise, if we design a kitchen with the most high tech, quality appliances available the client does not need to turn them all on at once to experience them. By that same token, the client doesn’t experience them any less when they are not in use. Their presence in that new kitchen is a constant reminder of the excitement of working through the design process, the experience of watching the construction and installation of the appliances themselves and then the family dinners and cocktail parties that have taken place around them. These physical components embody our most luxurious experiences and serve as a catalyst that sparks the pleasant and enduring memories of those experiences.