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DON’T GET DISTRACTED: A Designer’s Responsibility

Posted January 15, 2014 by & filed under

“Look where you want to go.” That was the comment I mentioned last week that my motorcycle riding instructor kept repeating. And it is so true. When I was first learning to ride I was in a particularly tight turn and I was so afraid of hitting the wall that I couldn’t stop focusing on it. And, sure enough, my bike bumped into it. My bike went exactly where I was looking. The problem was, I had let my fear take over my attention.

That is one thing I have found holds true in our business as an entity and in the individual creative work of design. As I design I’m not looking at all the negatives of why something can’t be done. Start with the ideal for your client by knowing who they are and what they will respond to most emotionally. I always want the very best for my clients and I am their advocate throughout the process. Then stand for the design integrity of the final product and the talents of those who create it. And then face the challenges: limitations of skill, money, materials, etc. Value engineering. Being creative and resourceful on implementation solutions. Any number of tools in the IMI toolbox can fix the problems, as long as we never lose sight of the vision. No matter the bumps along the way, stay focused; “Look where you want to go.”

This is the advice I give to my team of designers and this is the best advice I can give to any designer…any person, for that matter! As 2014 is getting started decide where it is you want to go and stay focused on it. There are plenty of things that will vie for your attention throughout the year—throughout your life—and it is your responsibility to decide what deserves that energy and attention. Make it positive and beneficial and you will end up exactly where you want to be.