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These days everyone is so busy it’s always a feat to find a few minutes to visit and catch up with the people we truly care about. But, we do like to keep all our friends in the loop of what’s going on around here. This month, we particularly need some help pulling together the last bit of funding for our Inspire Project. Please take a look at that article and if you are able to do anything to help it will be most appreciated.

—Anita Lang

Designing for Families

Some of you may have seen Anita’s segment on the AZ TV Morning Scramble this past week regarding luxury designing for families of all sizes. The response has been overwhelming and we wanted to take the opportunity to share it briefly again here.

Designing for families is always a special process: getting everyone involved so they feel they played a part; accommodating the different personalities and styles; keeping the space functional for the various uses it will have to serve. Individual aesthetics can always be incorporated in an impactful way. It also helps to get the kids involved from the beginning. If they are involved with the creation of the space they will have a sense of ownership which leads to cleaner rooms!

What is a bit more difficult is function. With a little thought and planning in regard to how the space will be used on a day-to-day basis, unexpected solutions can be found: from appliances that are tucked neatly into the cabinetry, shelving that serves as doors and even beds hidden inside the walls themselves.

Anita on Morning Scramble

Anita Lang on Morning Scramble


Take a look at the clip from the Morning Scramble or, for a more detailed discussion of this topic, read Anita’s blog response.


Inspire Foundation Updates

This month is the big month for the 2013 Inspire Foundation project. Work is well underway at the Foundation for Blind Children’s East Valley Campus and everyone is so excited. We especially want to thank our friends at La Casa Builders for their help in getting the work started.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be changing out the flooring, adding lighting, replacing the wall textures, adding blinds and a host of other items that need to be in place before the school year begins.

FBC Main Entrance

We are so grateful for everyone who is helping us – especially with such a tight deadline. We have come so far but we still desperately need a few more sponsors to cover the remaining Phase I items.

In particular we are looking for people to help with the window treatments ($6,000) and cabinetry materials ($2,000/classroom with 5 classrooms needed).

Of course there are numerous other items to help with but these are the two most pressing. If anyone is able to help with all or part of these it is greatly appreciated. For more information on how or what to sponsor contact Luke at our studio or visit us online at Inspire’s Page on:

We’d also like to correct a slight layout error in our last newsletter. When thanking the sponsors, two sponsors got combined onto a single line. Designers Workroom and Dunn-Edwards Paint are separate entities and both have been extremely generous with their contributions to this project. Thank you all!


We wanted to thank all of our friends in the media who took the time to help us spread the word about the Inspire project.

IMI Studio’s Anita Lang and Marc Ashton, CEO of the Foundation for Blind Children were interviewed by Pat McMahon in early July about progress of the Inspire project.

Inspire and FBC

Go Gilbert Magazine included the project in a beautiful article and we have several additional articles coming soon!

In addition, IMI Design Studio is being featured in JetSet Magazine in August!

Meaning of Luxury

 Luxury means many things to many people. It can be anything from the latest trends to the most expensive purchases to the most exotic travels, but it all boils down to an experience that is exclusive to each individual.

A series of blogs discussing IMI’s philosophy and incorporation of luxury is now available on our website.  Take a moment to read and give us your thoughts.

We would love to hear what luxury means to you and how you incorporate it into your life.

Comment on our blog or send an email to or call us at: 480-837-8979


A Few Words of Gratitude  

   We want to sincerely thank all the volunteers who joined us for a work day on Saturday, July 27th at the East Valley Campus of the Foundation for Blind Children.

It was a very busy day and we accomplished a lot! We couldn’t have done it without the support of our friends and volunteers.

Many thanks to all who came and a very special shout out to Jake at La Casa Builders who was the first one on site that morning and definitely among the hardest working volunteers! Your professional support and hard work is greatly appreciated!

FBC Demo Day