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Posted August 19, 2013 by & filed under

The last two installments in this Luxury Series were regarding the services being provided and the quality of those services. This installment will explore the comments of Tanner Luster of Luster Custom Homes who said “Service and attention to detail create luxury.” This is an interesting concept. We have been discussing that luxury is available, in many forms, for the taking. These last two posts looked at the process of providing those luxury experiences to others. But the concept of creating luxury is just a little bit different.

Does an artisan set out to create a work of art that he feels this need to create or does he set out to make an item others will consider luxurious for the prestige of doing so? From my perspective it is a combination of both. When I speak with a new client who is excited about their new project and respectful of what I am able to bring to that project I get excited. It is that excitement that sparks the creative fires and my mind floods with options and ideas and images. Of course I want to create the most spectacular and luxurious space possible for for my Scottsdale interior design clientele to enjoy for years to come. That’s where the conversations and lists of questions begin. How will they use the space? What aesthetics do they like? What aesthetics don’t they like? How do they entertain? How do they like to cook? All the way to how they like their socks stored—really. The list of questions is endless but each answer allows me to filter through the ideas in my mind. It’s similar to a sculptor starting with a solid block of marble full of potential and slowly carving away small pieces here and there until the final product emerges. It’s this attention to detail that elevates design to a luxury.

However, a final design is only as good as its implementation. And that’s where the luxury service aspect comes in. I have built my firm around the idea of providing concierge service to our clients during this entire process. Even as we search for the softest fabrics, highest quality furniture manufacturers or rarest woods and stones we always work with a conscious respect for project parameters: from timelines to budget. We work with teams of great contractors, subs artisans and manufactures who have the same commitment to excellence we do. The team works as a unit to oversee and arrange for all aspects of the final installations and then wait to see that gasp of awe as the client walks through the door for the first time. That sense of elation and joy that shows on their faces at that moment are how I know I have created luxury.

The goal of that experience of luxury as a final product is something that should be on the minds of everyone. Whether it’s a craftsman creating a tangible product for a patron or you as an individual planning your next vacation, it is something we should all seek to achieve.