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Interior Design Tips: The Color Green

Posted April 26, 2018 by & filed under

Interior Design Tips: The Color Green

Green has always been a significant color in life and health.  In ancient Egypt The word Wadj (green) means “to flourish” or
“to be healthy”. The hieroglyph used to represent  the papyrus plant as well as the green stone malachite (wadj). Green
represents life, growth, and fertility, which is why it is so useful in interior design.

Nature and Culture:

Green equals life. It is the color that represents nature, it represents growth, renewal, vitality, and environment.  It also can
represent envy and jealousy.  Using green has to be done correctly to represent the emotions that are intended.

It is a restful color with similar characteristics of the color blue.  Rooms colored in green may feel that time moves faster.

Green is eternally connected with spring. Since it also the color of traffic lights, it often seen as a color of release and feeling
free. Because green is the sign of health, it is often used to represent weightloss or natural medicine.

How to Use Green:

Green has a warming and freeing effect, the color green represents balance, equilibrium and harmony.  It also has been used
to represent the real color of love in some cultures.  (We will discuss this further in another post.) Use several shades of green
for a fresh, Springtime feel. Olive, also called olive drab, is a not so drab summerish green that may have military overtones
for some people.

Using Green with Other Colors

Green used with blue can represent healthy aspects of nature. – land and ocean. and representing regrowth. Green and
brown,  says earthy and organic.  This is a great combination for recycling or saving the environment. Tri-color combinations
of green with black, white, or yellow are sporty.

No matter which shade you decide to bring into your home, this color will make an instant impact on any space.