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CABIN IN THE MOUNTAINS: Award Winning Mountain Cabin Design

Posted September 11, 2013 by & filed under

Vacation homes are a greaMaster Bedroom Accent Wallt opportunity for us to have fun and freely express our loves in life. The good energy and lasting memories that are created when a family and their guests are enjoying a precious time away from the everyday is so important. Providing a warm environment as the backdrop to these life experiences is especially gratifying as a designer. This particular family enjoys spending time in the Tahoe area with its raw beauty and outdoor activities. This cabin was designed to allow them the space and functional requirements needed to enjoy that time while reflecting their personalities. To do this, we incorporated the client’s love for unique and aged pieces into the structure itself by using reclaimed woods from an old mill on the ceiling, cabinetry and panel treatments. In addition, an old pulley makes a lift for art at the living room revealing a TV hiding behind the panel. Reclaimed French terracotta creates a back splash and an old canoe is turned into a light fixture in the loft.

The architectural details in the space were afforded a great deal of attention. We carefully designed the trusses of reclaimed timber, added finishes in the hallway of grey oak and clay tile, a masonry fireplace and a master bedroom wall detail that uses vintage and found items in a reclaimed wood patchwork mosaic.  This vacation spot provides tons of sleeping and storage space so the whole family and all their friends can joy in the excitement of the vacation.

None of this would have been possible, however, without the great work of Mark Tanner Construction and his team who so cooperatively implemented our design intent.

(Photos by: Dino Tonn Photography)