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Buying Guide: How to Find the Ideal Dining Table

Posted August 31, 2017 by & filed under

A dining table is a focal feature of a dining room. It’s a substantial piece of furniture that doesn’t come cheap, and that is why it is important to purchase one that not only suits your space but your lifestyle as well.

Choosing a dining table, however, can get tricky, as it comes in a wide range of makes, sizes, and shapes. It would be easy to settle for one that worked well in your former home, but it’s no longer the ideal choice for your new one. Making things trickier is that you may have been keeping an old table for sentimental reasons and the thought of discarding it tugs right at your heartstrings.

Whatever your situation is, it pays to know which dining table will complement your space. To help you with this, a good interior design company will guide you through the different dining table shapes and how to make the most out of it.


An oval dining table combines the space-saving quality of a rectangular table and the intimacy that a round table delivers. These factors result in a table that works in almost any space, with its curves adding a soft finish to an otherwise angular scheme. Round bar stools make for great space-saving chairs, as they keep in line with the curved edges of an oval table.

How to Make the Most out of it: When you’re looking to save more room in a space, opt for an oval table with pedestal legs and finish it off with a bench either on one side or all sides of the table. This gives the illusion of an open and spacious room.


There is a reason why a rectangular table is a popular choice: not only is it ideal for seating a large number of guests, but it also fits into the space easily, particularly when there’s hardly any. If your space calls for this shape, opt for one that’s on the narrow side of things and pair it with more casual chairs to keep it looking like a boardroom.

How to Make the Most out of it: If you’re tight on space, you can choose to either push up your rectangular table against a wall or opt for upholstered dining benches that can be tucked underneath the table. This is more advantageous when the table is placed in a thoroughfare.


A square table is a contemporary option for small dining areas. However, the bigger a square table is, the more space it takes and the more a conversation is likely to be off-putting. If you are only two or four in the household, you might be better off with a small square table with an extension leaf to create a larger table.

How to Make the Most out of it: Pairing a square table with curved, upholstered chairs can soften its hard edges. A round or voluptuous centerpiece can also create a sense of balance and will do the job nicely.


A round table is the most versatile table shape that fits appropriately in any dining room regardless of size and shape. Although a round table is a space-saving solution to small spaces, the larger it gets, the harder it is to reach for shared food.

How to Make the Most out of it: A lazy Susan is a small rotating tray that is placed in the center of dinner tables. Using this on your round table guarantees to add convenience while dining and eliminates the need to pass the food from one side to another.

Which dining table do you think will work best for your interior design? Let us know in the comments section below!