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Buy less. Buy well.: Quality Products — keep

Posted October 3, 2013 by & filed under

I was recently asked to write an article for the upcoming issue of JetSet Magazine so I wrote a bit about what’s been on my mind lately: quality products that are made to last. When I was a young girl, I remember my aunt visiting from Germany. For a little girl growingRolex courtesy of Rolex up in coastal Maine, she was an exotic creature: sophisticated, worldly and so intellectual. To this day I remember the most beautiful cognac toned leather pants that were part of her travel wardrobe. Exquisite tailoring, impeccable fit, and even my little eye knew it was quality and craftsmanship and…yes…expensive. She wore those so often in clever ways of transitioning her look. I know those leggings lasted for decades.

As is often the case with European aesthetic, buying a few truly quality, non-disposable pieces trumps having a plethora of shoddy selections. Less is truly more. And that is a great mantra, and one by which I try to live my life. It is a value I try to live by. The pieces I have need to mean something to me. There is only one bed in which we sleep at a time, only one sofa on which to snuggle with our family. I believe we should surround ourselves not by the best deal we can swindle; that high is shallow and short lived. We should always aspire after the best experience of the senses we can have: compelling to the touch, sweet to the smell, beautiful to the sight. Those experiences enrich our life’s moments. Buy less but buy well. Be a curator of your life’s collections and let it reflect who you are. Enjoy the history of the pieces you have acquired with the help of a trained eye for style and quality. Don’t be afraid. A good piece can artistically translate into almost any setting adding a unique and personal charm to the eclecticism of a space.

How proud you can be to share the charming history of compelling aesthetic of a piece with your friends and children. What a much more pleasant and uplifting exchange than “I save a buck.” It’s not pricing, it’s value. Enrich your life with the opportunities available in furnishing a home. That uplifts the human spirit.

This is a topic that I feel particularly strongly about so check back soon as I’m sure I’ll have more to say about it.