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Buy Less, Buy Well: Quality Products

Posted June 3, 2019 by & filed under

When I was a young girl, I remember my aunt visiting from Germany. For a little girl
growing up in coastal Maine, she was an exotic creature: sophisticated, worldly and
so intellectual. To this day I remember the most beautiful cognac-toned, leather
pants that were part of her travel wardrobe. Exhibiting exquisite tailoring and an
impeccable fit, even my little eye recognized the quality and craftsmanship, and yes,
the price tag. She wore them so often in clever ways to transition her look. I know
those trousers lasted her for decades.

Often true of the European aesthetic, buying a few true-quality, non-disposable
pieces trumps having a plethora of shoddy selections. Less is truly more. In fact,
according to MoneyCrashers, investing in quality saves money in over the span of
your lifetime.

That’s why it’s a great mantra, and a value by which I try to live my life. The pieces
of clothing I have need to mean something to me. The same is true in our homes.
There is only one bed at a time in which we sleep and only one sofa on which to
snuggle with our family. That’s why we should seek quality investments. Offer our
senses the best experience: compelling to touch, sweet to smell, beautiful to our
eyes. Those experiences enrich life’s moments. Buy less but buy well. Be a
curator of your life’s collections and let it reflect who you are. Enjoy the history of
the pieces you have acquired with the help of a trained eye for style and quality.

Enjoying well-designed pieces and understanding the designer’s inspiration
behind the creation adds another facet to quality. It’s interesting, as I often travel
to Italy and France to the international design fairs and shows, it is the designer
and their creative genius behind a piece that is celebrated. Design shows such as
in Dubai, Shanghai, and the States, are often very product and sales driven.
Japanese organizing consultant Marie Kondo further encourages us to buy less
and invest in only those pieces that give us joy, according to her best-selling book
The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, saying “only fill your home with items that
spark joy,” she says. I love this sentiment.

Everything starts in the mind of a creator, and whether that is you or your
designer, curating the pieces in your home adds sophistication and depth to our
spaces, enriching the experience of the space and our lives.

Don’t be afraid. A good piece can artistically translate into almost any setting
adding a unique and personal charm to the eclecticism of a space. How proud will
you be to share the charming history of a piece with your friends and family.
Enrich your life with the opportunities available in furnishing a home that uplifts the
human spirit, and in that, you’ll spark joy.