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IT’S NOT BRAIN SURGERY; IT’S HARDER: 1st Place Residence Under 3,500 SqFt

Posted September 6, 2013 by & filed under

Placing in any of the ASID Design Excellence Awards in an honor, but placing in the overall residence categories is truly something special…let alone place first! The quantity of pieces of information and moving parts that go into bringing any design to fruition is mind boggling. I once had a staff member who said “People say ‘Design isn’t brain surgery.’ And they are right. It’s harder!” You laugh, but it’s true. Working as the middle man in the intricate dance that produces a final product can be amazingly stressful and even sometimes frustrating, but once it’s all said and done it’s well worth it.

Great Room This year we were fortunate enough to win first place in the Residence under 3,500 square feet for a project we worked on out in Tonto Verde, Arizona. The clients for this particular project wanted an understated andMaster Bedroom casual elegance that would be appropriate for entertaining the community or friends. To achieve this goal we added architectural interest to the previously bland space with contemporary paldao wood wall paneling, a built-in banco and a walk up wine bar. I firmly believe that good design starts with the structure itself. Taking cues from the curved living and dinette architecture, the circular pattern was engaged both in space planning, stone and metal textures and pattern repetition. We designed a custom sectional to fit the scale and shape of the space. As part of that sectional a wenge and paldao console was designed to wrap into end tables. The whole piece creates an anchor for the great room while creating interest from the foyer.

In addition to the great room, a custom dining table was designed to accent the dining room. It was created from a wenge base and a cantilevered fossilized limestone slab. Moving farther into the residence the master suite was designed around the specific needs of this couple. Bedroom furniture that unifies the bed and desk workspaces were custom designed by us and fabricated by the talented people at Heather and Fred Studios. Architectural interest was added to the master suite by incorporating wooden beam work and adding a rice paper texture to the ceiling.

It looking at the completed product and knowing all the individual skills and talents that went into creating it that makes designing worth while.

Photos by: Dino Tonn