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Scottsdale Interior Design | ASID AWARDS: 3rd Place – Residence Under 3,500 SqFt

Posted September 17, 2014 by & filed under

“Let’s play!” was the design goal of this downtown urban space. And that’s exactly what happened.

The owner of this space was moving from a much larger space to a more centralized, urban location with a smaller square footage. The challenge created by that was developing the correct composition and scale to make sense of the eclectic mix of previously collected furniture and art. This mix of art combined with the starkly contrasting color palette work together to create the sense of playfulness the client wanted.

213-17-02HRM0662 small

On a more serious note, the client’s profound respect for the ancient art of Feng Shui is working strongly throughout the entire residence. Many aspects are hidden (such as a hidden purple rug pad for abundance tucked neatly beneath the beautiful white rug that is on display) while others are more prominent (such as the yellow painted walls of the hallway running through the home’s health center). This space is a great example of how a home can center around Feng Shui principles and recreate the Ba Gua while maintaining a wonderful design aesthetic. More on the Feng Shui of the space can be seen here.

This residence is also a great example of how luxury can be accomplished in a different way. IMI has always said that luxury is the experience of something wonderful and does not have to do with size or cost. An urban space is, by its nature, smaller than the sprawling villas on the outskirts of town. In addition, many of the items in this home were reused and they were reused with a purpose. The gold leaf Napoleon sleigh bed pictured here has particularly fond memories for the owner and the relaxation and elevation of the spirit that comes when she enters the space is not due to a brand new bed; instead it’s due to the sense of comfort accompanying this timeless piece. Adapting it to the more modern design of the space was a task that was accomplished by keeping a simple palette for the bedding and juxtaposing the materials of the bed with a more modern waterfall acrylic night stand. To accommodate the lower ceilings in the space the box spring was removed to keep the scaling of the piece appropriate.

HRM0704 smaller

Luxurious spaces are created through great design and great design is a combination of many moving pieces that work together creating an environment that truly elevates the human spirit.