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Architectural Detailing: Sculpting the Structure of the Home

Posted September 26, 2013 by & filed under

Endless possibilities. That is what your new home has. Either from the dirt of a new construction or the dust of a remodel, it’s all about what a great opportunity to abandon the mediocre and make something truly extraordinary that will propel you and yours to a richer and fuller life experience.

Before and after front door on this modern mountain architecture style remodel in Lake Tahoe.Custom Front Door

One of the saddest things I see…truly it breaks my heart…is when I see a design that just settled. True interior design isn’t just the sofa and throw pillows; it is sculpting the structure itself. We work hand in hand with the architect as he or she sets the stage with the overall building structure, support, mechanicals, adjacencies, et cetera et cetera. We are the transition to the interior detailing. I work with the client to get a sense and understanding of the lifestyle requirements, traffic flow and furniture plans. This is a stage where moving a wall a foot or two on plans can save headaches and money down the road. Then the next layer of detailing considers architectural detailing such as how the ceilings are finished or how the fireplaces are sculpted or how built ins can add function and finish the artistic interior composition.

 An outdated fireplace takes on a new look. Not only does it match the modern mountain style of the home it has a new function: to cover the TV.
Fireplace: Before and After


Don’t miss an opportunity. As a designer our role is to sculpt that space so no opportunity is left unexplored. We must create a space that will ultimately raise the quality of life experiences for the client through the comfort and function for their life style needs and for beauty that inspire our spirit to live at a higher caliber.

To reduce the visual clutter of the banister, this water jetted steel plane becomes an architectural feature running up the four levels of this home.Custom Stair Rail