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The invention of the electric light has immeasurably changed the human race. We are now literally capable of turning day into night, inside our homes at least. However, because of our heavy dependence on artificial light, many of us have taken to using them even during the daytime. Along the way, we have somehow forgotten the many wonderful things that natural light brings. Let’s list down some of those benefits to remind us to let more sunshine into our homes.
Sunlight is healthy
The health benefits of natural sunlight are numerous. Here’s a taste of what it can do for us health-wise:
• UV rays from sunlight are a natural and free antiseptic, and can effectively reduce bacteria and organism growth inside your home.
• Sunlight also triggers the production of vitamins B and D in our bodies. Adequate vitamin D helps us keep our bones and teeth healthy, and protect us from colon, kidney, and breast cancer.
• Our circulation, red and white blood cell production and immune system get a boost with ample sunlight.
• Moderate exposure to natural light does wonders for our complexion. Those who suffer from skin disorders such as psoriasis, eczema and fungal infections of the skin also benefit from it.
Sunlight helps us sleep better
Our bodies produce melatonin, the hormone that helps control our circadian rhythms (sleep-wake cycles). Constant exposure to light from artificial sources interrupts melatonin production, and that messes up our ability to get quality sleep. Sunlight can change all that. Once our homes get more natural light indoors, we can expect our sleep-wake cycles to be regulated, and we’ll sleep better at night.
Sunlight makes us happy—literally
Sunlight boosts our production of endorphins and serotonins, the chemicals that make us feel happy. That means more exposure to natural light results in improved moods. Little to no sunlight, on the other hand, could lead to symptoms of depression.
Sunlight saves money, helps the environment
Letting more natural light into our homes translates to substantial savings on your utility bills. And when we use less electricity, we get to reduce our environmental impact as well.
Natural light improves productivity
If you work at home, then you could use more natural light. Aside from keeping your energy levels stable and reducing fatigue, sunlight can also help you concentrate better, and that leads directly to a boost in productivity.
These are just some of the benefits of natural light. If we know what’s good for us, we all must strive to figure out ways to let more natural sunlight into our home. Check out this infographic to get ideas for a sunnier home.

Interior Designers let natural light into home

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IMI Design infographic1

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The notion of a traditional, old-world home evokes images of warmth and protection translated into dark rooms and heavy textures. It’s a style that Arizona took hold strongly for a couple of decades with mimicked patinas and ornately detailed and layered textures of Italian palazzos, French chateaus and rural Tuscan farm houses.
At IMI Design Studio, a majority of our projects this year focus on transitioning from old-world looks into the clean, fresh, modern design while still embracing the European-inspired architecture of homes that were built in the 1990s and early 2000s.


We’re seeing a trend to move away from the heavy, thick and busy home styles. What was considered opulence 20 years ago is now almost suffocating. The more digital noise and clutter we experience in our increasingly busy lives, the greater need for clean, open, flexible floor space, minimalist decorative elements and extensive use of modern materials throughout the home. Contemporary forms reach up and out to bring the outdoors in, as opposed to the sheltering, enclosing shapes.
The new designs that our team creates for these projects blend together unexpected elements, creating new unions that are stylish and bold, comfortable and unpretentious, sustainable and tech-savvy. Examples of this include replacing heavy chiseled stone floors with light, wide plank wood. Changing overly warm caramel walls to fresh white tones, and refinishing heavy brown to a washed limed gray stain.
Connect with us on social media to check out the progress of several projects as we create new kind of homes that combine the Arizona vernacular with contemporary design, and push the envelope in a visually forward-thinking way.

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Life’s too short to live in mediocre environments. If you are not ending 2015 in a place that truly inspires you, make it a point to change that in the coming year. Live INSPIRED and don’t be afraid of changes!  A few thoughts while you are setting goals for the new year.

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.

Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.

No army can stop an idea whose time has come.

We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.


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Our team is participating in the Phoenix Children’s Hospital’s Festival of Trees 2015.  In this annual event,  interior designers volunteer their time and materials to decorate high-end Christmas trees, which are then auctioned off to the public.  While that in itself is quite wonderful, we hope to provide another fresh artistic view.

The inspiration for our tree this year was an amazing structure at Burning Man 2013 called The Temple of Grace, designed by David Best.

Displaying temple 2

The Temple was a spiritual and sacred space for memorials, reflection, celebration and to commemorate life transitions.  It was a special work of art given to the community, and a spiritual refuge where thousands gather, each to engage with it in his or her own way. People wrote memorials, letters, notes or brought tokens that represented something significant to them. The structure incorporated a central interior dome within a graceful curved body made of wood and steel. Its signature look was the intricately cut wooden panels for the exterior and interior skin.


Inspired by sacredness and the aesthetic beauty, our tree will incorporate the intricate wood panels design with an exotic global pattern. This sculpture-like piece, reaching nearly 10 feet in height will be illuminated with silver LED wire and glimmering crystal within the negative space of the carving.  A cross between a traditional tree and an ornamental structure, this will be one of the most unique trees ever constructed.


The year’s festivities will run from November 23 to December 1 with the trees being showcased in the Neiman Marcus Courtyard at Scottsdale Fashion Square, even on the busiest shopping day of the year-Black Friday!


But it doesn’t end there. The second stage of this tree’s giving follows suit with the temple tradition. Just as the temple at Burning Man is burned at the end of the festival symbolically releasing with it all the memorabilia and tokens brought in by participants, on January 9th, this tree too will be a part of a ceremonial releasing for the New Year. The ornament will be replaced with “gone-aments” sponsored by the generous-hearted participants. From childhood diseases to personal thoughts of wishes and/or frustrations, the tree will be burned to signify a new hope.


To ensure the success of this vision we are still looking for a sponsor to step forward and underwrite this work of love. All proceeds directly benefit Phoenix Children’s Hospital. The benefactor will enjoy one of the most intriguing trees for their family holiday and have the opportunity to support families with children in need. Would you be interested?

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2015 was a great opportunity for IMI Design as we were nominated in many categories for the ASID Design Excellence awards.  IMI Design ended up taking home quite a few of the awards.  Its great to see the team come together and to really be passionate about our work.  We are grateful for our clients and the American Society of Interior Designers for recognizing our work.  This only wants us to strive more to deliver better for our clients and truly create something unique and impressive at all times.

CATEGORY 7 Special Function Space – Residential

3rd Place – Anita Lang,  IMI Design Studio,

Honorable Mention – Anita Lang,  IMI Design Studio,

CATEGORY 8 Kitchen – New or Remodeled

3rd Place – Anita Lang,  IMI Design Studio,

CATEGORY 26 Product Design – Furniture

Honorable Mention – Anita Lang, IMI Design Studio,

CATEGORY 28 Product Design – Element

2nd Place – Anita Lang, IMI Design Studio,

3rd Place – Anita Lang, IMI Design Studio,

CATEGORY 29 Design Element – Reuse/Repurpose Design

1st Place – Anita Lang, IMI Design Studio,

2nd Place – Anita Lang,IMI Design Studio,

Thank you so much to all of those who contributed to making IMI such a wonderful place to work and create.



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In continuing the previous discussion on color we have found that People have a natural, instinctual reaction to color. And it may change over time or from one group of people to another, but the power of colop cannot be underestimated.

Red is seen as a positive, stimulating color that stirs up passion and energy in those who see it. On the negative side, however, it can be seen as an aggressive color and so should be used with a specific intention. In Asian cultures it is considered good luck! And it’s always nice to add a bit of drama to liven up a space.02.28.2014 Emotional Impact of Color 1

Red’s little sister is pink, of course. This is obviously considered more of a feminine color, at least in spaces, not necessarily in fashion any more. A bit more saturated and it becomes fuchsia which is considered more of a power color. It is interesting, however, to know that studies show that pink can be calming for around 30 minutes then make someone irritable for around 30 minutes and back to calm.

02.28.2014 Emotional Impact of Color 3

I, personally, have grown to love yellow. It is a cheerful and positive color that brightens a dark space and brings in that feeling of sunshine and happiness. I do notice that clients tend to shy away from it because it is a strong color and it takes some convincing to understand how to use it. Just like Van Gogh’s Lillies focuses on the blues of the flower but they would not stand out the way they do if it weren’t for the yellow. Appropriate use of color is not just the use of one color but the way in which colors—and even textures—combine to create an overall aesthetic.

02.28.2014 Emotional Impact of Color 5

Blue is my second favorite color. It reminds me of the ocean, the sky, nature in general, and I find that to be exceptionally restful.  Blue is considered to be a color of trust and safety. That’s why lots of banks and even politicians use it frequently. But, in tones such as spa blue, it really comes across as a respite from the world.

02.28.2014 Emotional Impact of Color 7

Purple and fushias are traditionally the color of royalty and majesty and symbolize opulence and luxury. Most people either love it or hate it but it has the ability to be used in a really handsome and sophisticated way.

02.28.2014 Emotional Impact of Color 10

Similarly, neutrals are ones that people either love or hate and it all depends on knowing the proper way to utilize them. Warm colors can be used to bring comfort and warmth to a space as well as be incorporated through natural materials in architectural uses. Greys are often misunderstood as well. Grey needs to be incorporated into a palette in a manner that allows the other colors to be highlighted.

02.28.2014 Emotional Impact of Color 11

And, for my most favorite color: white. White reflects all color and can be very sophisticated but it does rely on other design principles to make it last. It is a similar situation with black. They are rich and stand out and must be used appropriately to bring a space together.

02.28.2014 Emotional Impact of Color 12

The main story here is to not be afraid and to be open minded. Most of the time people are afraid of colors not because of the color but because it is difficult to see how it incorporates with the rest of the design aesthetic. Just sit back and watch as colors you never imagined you would like bring a space to life in a way you love.

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Every once in a while we highlight fun finds on Pinterest and other social media sites to help inspire new ideas.  This time we found some extravegant luxury ideas.  These pins range from amazing outdoor pools to some breathtaking closets.


If you are looking for some inspiration for new pool ideas:

A giant list of 35 things you may need in your new luxury home

16 dream designs for luxury closet space

A luxury conversation place beside a pool

50 decorating ideas for grand bathrooms

Every one is different and styles certainly are as well.  If you have some designs that you think are amazing and would like to share please do!  Take a look at our unique style on Pinterest as well.  We hope to pin some of your images as well to see what inspires you. IMI Design Studio Pinterest




From IMI Pinterest.  Pin it!


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Green has always been a significant color in life and health.  In ancient Egypt The word Wadj (green) means “to flourish” or “to be healthy”. The hieroglyph used to represent  the papyrus plant as well as the green stone malachite (wadj). Green represents life, growth, and fertility, which is why it is so useful in interior design.

Nature and Culture:

Green equals life. It is the color that represents nature, it represents growth, renewal, vitality, and environment.  It also can represent envy and jealousy.  Using green has to be done correctly to represent the emotions that are intended.

It is a restful color with similar characteristics of the color blue.  Rooms colored in green may feel that time moves faster.

Green is eternally connected with spring. Since it also the color of traffic lights, it often seen as a color of release and feeling free. Because green is the sign of health, it is often used to represent weightloss or natural medicine.

How to Use Green:

Green has  a warming and freeing effect, the color green represents balance, equilibrium and harmony.  It also has been used to represent the real color of love in some cultures.  (We will discuss this further in another post.) Use several shades of green for a fresh, Springtime feel. Olive, also called olive drab, is a not so drab summerish green that may have military overtones for some people.

Using Green with Other Colors

Green used with blue can represent healthy aspects of nature. – land and ocean. and representing regrowth.

Green and brown,  says earthy and organic.  This is a great combination for recycling or saving the environment.

Tri-color combinations of green with black, white, or yellow are sporty.


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It may be difficult to know exactly what you want when talking to a designer.  Here are some places that may give you some ideas.


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