IMI Design Services

Specialists in Luxury Interior Design and Detailing

The IMI Design team excels at pre-construction and remodeling planning as well as comprehensive soft furnishings services. Our team of designers offers you an extensive resource of skills and talents combined with our proprietary Smart LuxuryTM program, to help achieve your design goals. Smart LuxuryTM is the process IMI has developed over the past twenty years that allows us to work through a project from pre-construction planning to moving day while maintaining our clients’ best interest the entire time.  It is this proprietary system that sets us apart in Scottsdale Interior Design.

Getting to Know You

The process begins with a conversation to get to know you. We review your wish list, along with any images you have collected and plans for the space, and listen to your dream regarding the project. For additional assistance we have our proprietary Lifestyle AnalysisTM questionnaire that asks a series of interesting questions to give us a baseline perspective of you, your family, your lifestyle and your expectations for the project. It is able to delve a little deeper into some of the questions while exploring your uniqueness: your likes, dislikes, style tastes, decision making processes, budget parameters, buying methods, how you prefer to receive information and anything else that will help us get to know you. While the questionnaire is short, it is uniquely designed to let us know everything from how you like to absorb information to how you like your socks folded. This stage of the program also includes extensive discussions of project scope and potential phasing options.
For more information on each of these areas of the Getting to Know You Phase see our articles: Smart Luxury Gets to Know You; Smart Luxury: Scope Development; Smart Luxury: Phasing in a Project.

Concept Development

Now that we know you, we will take that information and begin developing the project concept. We will create drawings and floor plans and assemble material samples and images to convey the design direction of your project. This phase includes an interactive presentation for your input allowing for adjustments specific to your needs and desires. While project parameters will be kept in mind during this phase, there will be no confirmed pricing or time lines provided. This stage is a review of options: see what you like and don’t like, let us know what works for you and what you’d like to see different.
For more information on the steps within Concept Development refer to our articles: Smart Luxury: Concept Development – Options; Smart Luxury: Refining the Concept.

Design Development

Once we have your approval on the overall concept we will begin fine tuning the design. During this phase, two things will happen: concept refinement and preliminary budget tracking. Materials will be selected for specific locations and applications, architectural detailing will be more fully developed and we will begin providing necessary information for the contractor to request bids. We will begin making any value engineering adjustments that are evident at this point and review all major design changes with you.
Design Development is where the bulk of the design work takes place and consists of a multitude of moving parts. Review each step in detail through our series of articles: Smart Luxury: Design Development Overview; Smart Luxury: Design Development of Primary Spaces; Smart Luxury: Design of Secondary Spaces;Smart Luxury: Design Development Value Engineering.

Specification, Documentation and Project Budget Establishment

This phase of the project formalizes the design development. This is accomplished by providing team members access to the information through our proprietary E-BinderTM system. The E-BinderTM will serve as the central, web-based repository for the most up-to-date documentation, drawings, specifications, image sheets and details relating to the project. It is at this phase that the contractor will provide a more complete idea of specific pricing, availability and time lines for the products. If additional value engineering or conceptual adjustments need to be made our team will do so. At this juncture we can advise on how to distribute budget allocations to maintain the design aesthetic and ensure you get the most luxurious impact within the parameters of the project. Smart LuxuryTM does not give up the integrity of the design concept; it works through the issues to maintain project satisfaction.
There are a variety of tools and processes in place to facilitate this and they are discussed in our continuing series of articles.


To ensure our client’s best interest and to maintain design integrity we remain involved throughout the project. Our designers foster an overall team atmosphere for all members of the project. Throughout the implementation of the project we remain available to assist the contractor and architect in the resolution of any possible issue. On occasion, a unique custom concept may become challenging to implement due to any variety of construction concerns. Our designers work with the team to evaluate and resolve the situation in a manner fitting to the design integrity.
We work through each and every project maintaining the best interest of our clients while implementing innovative and bespoke design concepts. The Smart Luxury process is the step-by-step guide that allows you to have the confidence and security of knowing we are here to handle it all for you.