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IMI Design, LLC, headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona is the authority on luxury residential and commercial interior design. We offer award-winning, concierge level interior design and interior architectural services since 1992. IMI has consistently been ranked in the Scottsdale and Phoenix metropolitan area’s top tier of residential and commercial interior design firms. The numerous awards and the recognition of our colleagues help to validate our work. However, the satisfaction of our clients is our goal.

Interior design that elevates the human spirit is the mission for IMI Design, LLC.

We are committed to integrity in our quality and in our design aesthetic. By maintaining this integrity we are able to enhance the quality of life in the places people both work and live. As an extension of this philosophy, IMI is a leader in sustainable design. We have LEED Accredited Designers committed to reducing the environmental impact of the industry while providing superior and luxurious environments to our clients. We are making a difference one project at a time.

We relish in making beautiful, comfortable interior environments

Comprehensive pre-construction planning is IMI’s specialty. This is critical to creating consistent results and happy clients. We relish in making beautiful, comfortable interior environments. IMI’s design teams approach each project by keeping their client’s vision, needs, and budget as top priorities. This goal is accomplished through a combination of proprietary and trademarked design solutions IMI has developed over the years including our Smart LuxuryTM Program, our E-BinderTM Portal and our Smart ConciergeTM approach.

For unsurpassed design epitomizing the luxurious lifestyle and elevating the human spirit IMI Design is the industry leader.

April 24, 2017

The Benefits of Letting More Natural Light Into Your Home

The invention of the electric light has immeasurably changed the human race. We are now literally capable of turning day into night, inside our homes at least. However, because of our heavy dependence on artificial light, many of us have taken to using them even during the daytime. Along the way, we have somehow forgotten…

November 14, 2016

Psychology of Color Of Design

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May 22, 2016

Modern Design? Time to Embrace it

The notion of a traditional, old-world home evokes images of warmth and protection translated into dark rooms and heavy textures. It’s a style that Arizona took hold strongly for a couple of decades with mimicked patinas and ornately detailed and layered textures of Italian palazzos, French chateaus and rural Tuscan farm houses. At IMI Design…